Top 3 Best Books For Overcoming Social Anxiety Disorder

books for overcoming social anxiety

Best Books For Overcoming Social Anxiety

Have you ever asked yourself the question “What are some good books for overcoming social anxiety disorder?”

If so you are on the right page!

I will present three books to help with social anxiety that is a MUST read if you suffer from social phobia.

Let’s jump straight in:

Book #1

best book for overcoming social anxietyThe Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook:
Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear

This book, written by Martin M. Antony and Richard P. Swinson, starts of with making the reader feeling very comfortable. They let us know that we are not alone.

In fact the book starts with a list of celebrities that also suffers from being painfully shy, and are struggling with nervousness and even suffers from social anxiety to some degree.

The reader will also instantly notice that this book is written by someone who knows what they are talking about. This is important for gaining trust…

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…and having trust in the material will also make us more likely to do all the exercise and get the results we so desperately want.

I don’t want to spoil the book buy revealing too much about it, but here are just a few of the celebrities that struggle with shyness, the book mentions

  • Harrison Ford
  • Brad Pitt
  • Lady Gaga
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Kim Kardashian
How this book will have you learn and do the work

I think this book is one of the best books to help with social anxiety because the way it is structured. We all know that taking action is a better teacher than just reading theory when it comes to mastering a skill…

…but for the best effect we need both and this is where the book really shines!

This social anxiety book

  • Have easy to understand psychology
  • Combines exercises with theory in a fun way
  • Pushes the reader in just the right way (not too much and not too little)
  • Uses examples that are easy to relate to

Almost every chapter of the book ends with a call to action that we should take. It will have us do an exercise related to the chapter we just read.

This makes it a much more effective way of learning. Don’t be scared though, you can choose to take it at your own pace.

The exercises comes in several forms. Some will have you just write something down while others makes you actually DO something and taking an action of some sort. This is a very effective way to learn indeed.

Do I think this social anxiety book can help you

I don’t know you personally but I do know social anxiety. This workbook is one of the best books to help with social anxiety because it has you to go through your thoughts and when you have done that it makes you reframe them. How does it do that? …

…well, with easy to follow step by step exercises and techniques. That said you should realize that we need to put in the work to see results. Just like everything else in life.

What I think the authors could have done better

To make this a good review I should find something negative as well but I have to say that it is difficult. I have read many social anxiety disorder books that I didn’t like but this book is not one of them. Well…

…one thing that perhaps was a bit annoying at times were how the authors made things seem so easy. Most of us know from experience that overcoming social anxiety is not easy. It can be…but for most people, it is not. However this book will make it EASIER, for sure.


All that said I think this book is definitely worth a read. There are no guarantees in life and of course I can’t make claims that you will be 100% cured if you read this book. However, I am certain that you will at least benefit from it greatly…

…or perhaps you have a friend or a loved one who suffers from social anxiety. A good book could be a wonderful gift in that case.

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Book #2

best book for social anxietyOvercoming Social Anxiety And Shyness
A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Gillian Buttler did a great job writing this book for social anxiety and shyness. The book is well written and it is easy to read. Again the reader can quickly tell that the book is written by someone that knows how mental stuff works.

The book has a lot of practical advice in it but is more heavily focused on how we should use our thoughts, in order to help us feel better and for us to better be able to deal with social anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong, as I said there are practical, easy to use steps and advice for the reader. This makes the book interesting to read…

…not only interesting but also easy to read. This is good because the anxiety subject, in and of itself, can often be a heavy subject. This is perhaps also one of the reasons the book as gotten a lot of great reviews. If you are interested in reading them you can click here to go read other real user reviews on Amazon.

Do I think this social anxiety book can help you

I think this book can help you, yes. It is written in a way that no matter the degree of social anxiety the reader has (from mild to severe) the reader can choose sections best suited for his anxiety problems. I think it is impossible to read this book and not get at least a few “ahaa-moments”.

What I think the author could have done better?

Again, I choose these as the best books for overcoming social anxiety for a reason….

…because I like them!  So I really struggle with finding anything bad to say about this book. I honestly have to leave this one blank…for now.

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Book #3

best book for overcoming social anxietyThe Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety 

A Guide to Breaking Free From Anxiety, Phobias, and Worry Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Last, but certainly not least, we have my personal favorite. This book is written by John P. Forsyth and Georg H. Eifert and it is a bit different than the other two books.

I managed to overcome most of my own social anxiety before I read this book but as I was reading it I found my self nodding in agreement at most of it….


Because the book is heavily focused on how we should “stop resisting” and putting up a fight and THIS is the way I overcame my own panic attacks and most of my other anxiety issues. So, needless to say,  that way of thinking is near and dear to my heart.

Don’t get me wrong!

That doesn’t mean the authors of the book thinks we should just “give up”…no no no, far from it! There are many extremely useful exercise in the book but the way it is written makes you really understand that the key to emotional freedom is to stop resisting. And by doing that the anxiety loses it’s power. If we do it correctly, which this book will teach you to do. Do I think this social anxiety book can help you?

Do I think this social anxiety book can help you?

A big, resounding yes!

I wish I have had this book when I was struggling the most. If you are suffering from social anxiety, or any form of anxiety for that matter, do yourself a favor, and check this book out. It is well written with a unique spin to it!

What I think the author could have done better?

Not to sound like a broken record but there are not many complaints from me here. If I HAD to give some constructive feedback then it might perhaps be that, in some chapters, they could have gotten to the point a bit quicker. But it wasn’t bad, perhaps just too much explanation in a couple of chapters.

Conclusion about this book

I think this book should be in every bookshelf around the globe, if the owner of the bookself has got anxiety issues, that is. You owe it to yourself to read it. There are just so many “ahaa-moments” and that might just be what you need for something to “click” in your brain.

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Ok, there you have it. These three are all very good books for social anxiety and this is my take on the question “what are the best social anxiety self help books?”

I really recommend that you check them out. The time you will spend reading them will certainly be worth it. Or maybe you have your own anxiety under control but perhaps you know someone who could use them, if so…

…why not make them a gift?

Thank you for reading this short article. I hope it’s been helpful.

Oh and one more thing before you go!

I feel I need to do a “shameless plug” here and tell you about my own book that I have written. I am too modest to put it in the same category as the “Top 3 Best books for overcoming social anxiety” so that’s why I did not include it with the three books above =)

Discover Anxiety Solutions
Unusual ways to eliminate anxiety and shyness

-Become your most BadAss Self-

During my years of suffering from social anxiety and panic attacks I have written down EVERYTHING that I have found to be helpful….

…every tool and trick that works for me.

After years of doing this,  I now have collected so many tools that I thought I’d share them in a book.

The book is very easy to read and each anxiety and shyness tool has it’s own, short chapter. It’s written almost in point form with some tools only taking up about 1-2 pages. Pick and choose what works best for you and throw away the ones that don’t do anything for you.

In every chapter I also give a short explanation to WHY the tools work, giving a bit of science behind it.

The book contains  80 pages of
  • Biological Hacks
  • Unusual Mental Tricks
  • Body Language Tips
  • Psychological
  • Supplement Tips
  • Confidence Tips

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(The books is, so far, only available in ebook form)

Much love and stay strong!

-Bob Castle-