On this page you can find a LIST of supplements that have been shown to be very helpful for reducing anxiety, stress, depression and other issues.  Just scroll down and choose the one you want to learn more about.

ProVanax is perhaps the best tool I discovered for reducing my stress, anxiety and improving my mental health

I’ll start with my favorite supplement for anxiety. It has been a lifesaver for me during periods of struggling with high anxiety levels. With proven results ProVanax is one of the few anxiety supplements that…

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How Magnesium Helps With Anxiety And Depression

Will magnesium help with anxiety and depression? Indeed it can but there are many different kinds of magnesium and many of them are poorly absorbed by the body. There is one particular form that is absorbed very well, and in addition, enters the blood brain barrier…

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Kava-Kava  Maybe One of the Most Effective Anxiety Drink/Supplement

Kava-kava  is extracted from the plant “Piper Methysticum” from the Pacific Islands. Kava possesses some very interesting properties. The  root extract  has been shown to be as effective as prescription anxiety drugs for treating …read more

testosteron supplementThe Importance of Vitamin B For Anxiety

Does vitamin B help with anxiety? Many people would be surprised if they knew how effective vitamin B can be for reducing anxiety and stress levels. There are eight different B vitamins in the B vitamin family. The important thing to know is that they work together in a way that..…read more

Best Supplements For Social Anxiety Disorder

In this post I present and review my TWO favorite supplements for social anxiety. During my 20 years of suffering I have spent a LOT of money trying out anxiety supplements. Most of the anxiety supplements out there are worthless but there are actually good ones also… more

Top 5 Best Anti Anxiety Supplements in General

Based on my own personal experiences as well as thorough online research I present the Top 5 best anti anxiety supplements that have been shown, by studies, to be effective for reducing anxiety levels. I have also tried the supplements myself and of course I will let you know which one of them are my personal favorie. It is…

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Using Fish Oil for Anxiety and Stress

The human brain is made of fat and water so it comes as no surprice that healthy fats, such as fish oil, is very beneficial for brain function. Studies show that high doses of fish oil for anxiety actually…

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Natural Serotonin Boosting Supplements

I have tried most of them and this is a supplement I feel works better than most other serotonin boosting supplements out there.

If your interested about this particular serotonin supplement you can click here to check the price on amazon.

If you are interested in other natural tools and tricks for increasing your serotonin levels, without medications OR supplements, you can click here to read an article about that.

Supplements for male sexuality

I’m sad to say most of them are totally worthless! Not all of them though and of all the sexual enhancing supplements I have tried, I have found a clear winner. When it comes to erection quality (harder erections) and stamina (being able to last longer in bed) there is one supplement that…

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best ashwagandha for anxietyHow Ashwagandha can be a natural remedy for anxiey

Ashwagandha is a very intresting herb that has been the subject for new research the last couple of years. Turns out that this plant can be a powerful natural way to deal with anxiety and stress. One of the most…

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CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) Is Another Good Choise For Reducing Anxiety

CBD Oil is a supplement that is dividing anxiety sufferers around the world. For some it does not work at all and for other, on the other hand, it is almost a miracle cure. When it comes to choosing what CBD to try, quality is everything!…

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