VigRX Plus Review My experience

My  Personal Favorit Male Sexual Enhancer “VigRX Plus”
My review:

VigRX Plus:
-For Stronger Erections and a Powerful Sex Drixe-

If you suffer from porn induced ED then obviously the number one thing you should be doing is rebooting. However speaking from experience I can say that a good sexual enhancer can potentially be what makes the difference between a failed attempt at intercourse or a successful one.

VigRx definitely helped me increase my sex drive and improve my erections during my reboot. I still use it today, even after rebooting because of the performance enhancing effects. I kind of like having a steal pipe in my pants…when it comes to sex that is =)    -Bob Castle-

VigaRx Plus is a natural male sexual enhancer that significantly increases erection quality and sex drive!

The product has 2 years of conducting a triple-blind study on guys aged 25 to 50, where half the guys were given VigRX Plus® and half were given a placebo. A  56-page report was presented and showed:

  • A 58.97% INCREASE In Ability To Penetrate Partner!
  • A 71.43% INCREASE In Sexual & Intercourse Satisfaction!
  • A 47% INCREASE In Overall Sex Drive & Desire!
  • A 62.82 INCREASE in ability to maintain an erection!
  • A 61% INCREASE in overall sexual desire!

VigRX Plus, My Personal Experience

Effectiveness on Libido, (after having done a reboot) 9.2
Effectiveness on Libido, horniness during my reboot 8.0
Effectiveness on Erections After Reboot 9.5
Effectiveness on Erections during my reboot 8.0


  • Kind of makes me feel like a teenager again
  • The only supplement that was able to knock me out of flatline
  • Actually worked better than prescription Viagra for me


  • The price could be a bit lower
  • It takes a bit of time to "build up" in the body

Impressive results presented on respectable media

The Clinical study has ben published on BioMed Central and republished in the US National Library of Medicine AND The National Institute of Health. They also have a lot of very positive testimonials!

Click here to go read some other real user reviews om their site

I didn’t expect much when I first tried this supplement so I must say that I was really surpriced when I noticed that it actually worked. Not only that, it imporved my PE (premature ejaculation) as well.

Perhaps I shouldnot write about this on my own blog because it makes me feel a bit embarrassed but…

…hey! I guess many of us have been there:


You know that dissapointing feeling you get about yourself when the “fun stuff” ends way to quickly?

…well, I must admit, I certainly do, because I have been there. And without getting into too much detail about my personal life, I have to say that this supplement is one of the VERY FEW natural supplements that actually works and is available for guys with this embarrassing issue.

Is it worth it?

If suffering from porn iduced ED then it is more important to reboot than to buy supplements. That said I know it can help many men with their problems. I know it helped me when I was going for sex during my own reboot.

I also would like to encourage every man to exercise have a healthy diet to have the best erection health and a good health in general, of course.

All that said I think it’s worth it though.


  • Because it is natural
  • AND it works
  • No side effects unlike Viagra
  • No need to go to the doctor for a prescription

Here’s the deal:

I’m the kind of guy that loves experimenting with different things so of course I tested a lot of other supplements as well, spending a lot of money.  Most of them did not do anything at all for me. VigRX Plus, however worked surprisingly well for giving me solid erections. To my big surprise it even out-performed the prescription viagra.

I have to say that Viagra did not work that great for me during my reboot. That’s probably because viagra only works for blood flow and porn iduced ED is not a blood flow issue (even though having great blood flow can help a bit)

So VigRx Plus outperformed Viagra for me…

…I think that’s because it has got ingredients that works for fiering up the sexual/arousal center and because of that, now the penis gets more and stronger “arousal signals” and thus works much better….AND

COMBINING that with the blood flow enhancing ingredients in the supplement, it works, I have to say, extremely well.

Personally, I think this is a product that could make A LOT of young men out there much happier. And perhaps make their girlfriends happier to 😉

The effects builds up

Just start taking it and it quickly builds up in your system. You’ll notice the effects right away, on the same day,  but the strongest effects comes after about 1-3 weeks of regular use. You will also definitely last longer in bed with this one.

I will leave this subject for now but I recommend you go and read up about this product. It is clinically tested and has got a bunch of great testimonials.

If you are interested you can click here to go to their web store and check the price