Resources For Living a Better Life

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On this page I gather links to the best resources for living a better life.

This is stuff that either my friends, or I myself use or have used, as well as stuff that I have discovered by detailed research, online as well as offline.

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This page will constantly keep changing as I will make frequent updates, whenever I find something new and interesting…

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Social Life


This is the best book ever written on how to get people to like you, without being manipulative. It has been called the “bible” of social dynamics and should belong in EVERY bookshelf on the planet. (Click the link to check current pricing on Amazon)

One of the absolute best books out there on how to drastically reduce your social fears. Not only that, but also how to crush fears or worry, in general. (Click the link to check current pricing on Amazon)

The only book on dating you will ever need. But, you need this one! It’s a no bullshit book, telling you how attraction, and the dating world, really works and WHAT you should do to get it working for you. Get this book! Unlike most of the “pickup artist books” out there, this is a no bullshit approach. (Click the link to check current pricing on Amazon)


If you have watched many of my videos, you have probably heard me mention this supplement. And there’s a good reason for that. It is THE best natural supplement for anxiety out there to this date. And trust me, I have tried them all. Not only that, it also contains a small amount of phenibut, which will help you be much more sociable because it works on the GABA-B receptor, just like alcohol does.


This video has an important message that, once you get, will change your mindset. It does it in a way that will help you become very comfortable in your own skin. With a bit of practice, of course!

Your Mood


Finding unexpected strength when disappointment leave you shattered. A five star, best-seller book, on Amazon and for good reason. Reading, or listening, to this book will change your perspectives in a way that will almost guarantee a happier life with a better “baseline” mood. (Click the link to check current pricing on Amazon)


CBD-oil has been proven to help a lot of people with mood issues. It affects the serotogenic system in the brain, much like the prescription antidepressants, but in a HEALTHY and natural way. And, unlike prescription antidepressants, the CBD oil has no nasty side effects. In fact, it has other, positive, side effects like pain relief, better sleep, anti inflammatory properties and more.

A fantastic good, natural alternative to antidepressant medications. This supplement is created by one of the worlds leading brain experts, Dr. Daniel Amen, and it is designed to help with mood issues by improving the serotonin functioning in your brain. Highly recommended!


An amazing gadget built on new, exciting technology, proven to significantly decrease depression levels and boost your mood. Click the link to read more from real user reviews on Amazon.

Better Skin

Between the years 2005-2015 I suffered from pretty bad rosacea with embarrassing redness around my nose. I tried pretty much everything out there with not much success untill I found this product. I’d say my rosacea is about 90% gone. It also helps other forms of inflamations and “redness” of the skin.

Having problems with your pores? Acne? Redness and unclear face? Well, this is by far the best skin cream for eliminating acne and getting clear pores that I have found out there, so far. If you want a clear skin with glowing energ, you owe it to yourself to try this one.

Improving Your Health And Body

Articles / Videos

This is one of the most important vidoes I have ever made and I really recommend that you sit down and watch it. Why? Well, because understanding this concept will pretty much guarantee you a better life, with a stronger body, mind, brain in combination with a lot more happiness. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! Just watch the video!

In this article I share the exact steps I took to boost my testosterone levels from 244ng/dL to a, pretty amazing, 980ng/dL without steroids, 100% naturally. At the end of my experiment I added the supplement above (AlphaViril) but there were A LOT of other steps I took as well. Biological hacks, that you might find interesting. So check out the article.

One of the best resources on building a strong body while on a ketogenic diet. A wealth of information. Check it out!


I don’t think there is any other are of my life in which I’we done more experimentation with than manipulating my tesosterone levels in a natural way. That supplement right there is THE best natural supplement for boosting your testosterone levels. And yes, I did try before and after blood tests. It also improves sexdrive and erections.

11 of the worlds most powerful super foods in one drink. And it tastes good too. Organify is THE best healthy green juice out there. Drink this daily and you will feel much more energetic and you will turbo charge your immune system. Click the link to check pricing on Amazon.


Keeping our blood glucose under control is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do for our health. In order to do that I use this glucose meter. I also use it to test my ketone levels on periods I go on a ketone diet. Highly recommended. (click image to check current pricing on Amazon)

Mindset optimization

An old, but epic, video about why most people not get anywhere in life. And, what you should do to not become one of them. Just take a look at it!

Improving Sex

I think I have tried everything out there and this supplement gave me extremely powerful erections. There are also other good ones out there, but I think this one is the best by far.

I first tried them in a period of  my life when I was not feeling very good and VigRX Plus even worked when I was down. You can’t go wrong with this supplement. Highly recommended!

I’m not 100% sure about this but I would think that this is the best supplement on the market today, for premature  ejaculation. Many people find they can “go at it” for at least double the length they normally could. Don’t get fooled into getting prescription antidepressants to try to cure your premature  ejaculation, like many guys do, because they have A LOT of nasty side effects.

This is an article with practical tools and tips (foods, vitamins, exercises et.c) on how you can both get  harer erections AND make them last longer when you are having sex. Just head on over there and check it out.


If you read this book, practice and implement the info into your life…let’s just say, you will make some woman (or several women) very…very…VERY happy. Trust me on this. (click the link to check current pricing on Amazon)

Making money online

Check out Ricky and Jim’s YouTube channel about how to make money online. It is one of the best online money making resources on YouTube. Why? because you can trust them. You see, most people who are trying to sell courses are telling people that making money is easy and does not take a lot of effort. Do NOT buy into that. Making money takes a lot of work and income school is 100% honest about that. Great guys!

Boosting brain power and  function

This is an amazing nootropic. It’s a brain boosting pill I use whenever I have to get a lot of work done. It really makes a difference in how sharp my thoughts are. On days I use it I get more work done, have better short term memory, can process information much better…heck, my brain just feels on fire. If you want to get the edge over other people, give the brain pill a try!

Destroying Anxiety & Insomnia

The best natural anxiety supplement on the market today. Period! I have personally been using this product for a few years now. Just remember to cycle it to keep the strong anti anxiety effects working on a tip top level.

For most people a high quality CBD-oil brand can completely eliminate their anxiety. This is one of the best brands I found so far. It’s one of the most potent brands out there, especially their tinctures. Highly recommended.

Want to fall asleep fast and sleep like a baby? Consider trying a weighted blanket. They are proven by research to significantly lower anxiety (both night time as well as the whole following day) as they increase serotonine and oxytocin in the brain. All, in a healthy, natural way. Not strange at all as they remind our brain, and bodies, about when we were small and we got tucked in by our mothers.