Provanax Review – My Experience With Provanax


Effectiveness on Worry, Stress and Anxiety 8.8
Relaxing Effects and Effects on Reducing Trembling 8.3
Effectiveness on Panic Attacks 7.8
Effectiveness on Mood and Depression 7.3


  • Works well for social anxiety, performance anxiety and anxiety in general
  • Helps with insomnia and relaxation of the body
  • Is effective for mood issues
  • Is effective for optimizing Dopamine and Serotonin levels


  • Works best if used in "cycles"
  • The price could be a bit lower
  • The effects could kick in a bit faster (it sometimes takes about 1,5-3h for me)

Note, full disclosure: The below review describes my detailed expereince with ProVanax. Even though it has worked wonders for me, it does not necessarily mean that you will have the exact same experience. We are all unique and react differently to everything in life.

Provanax Review
-My Expereince With the Natural Anxiety, Stress and Depression Supplement Provanax-

Click image to check current pricing at vendor cause they always change it a bit

On the provanax website they claim that ProVanax can:

  • Help reduce panic attacks and anxiety
  • Reduce social anxiety and anxiety in general
  • Relax the muscles
  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Reduce depression
  • Improve sleep
  • Optimize dopamine and serotonin

Is There Any Truth To The Claims?

Well, I have a lot of personal experience with ProVanax so I’m going to make an, in depth, provanax review. I’m going to write about my FULL experience with provanax. The good AND the bad.

Are you are ready for it?

Good because here we go:

Why I Think The ProVanax Supplement Works Better than Other Anxiety Supplements

I think the reason why ProVanax works better than other anxiety supplements is because of the unique extra-strength formula, giving it a synergistic effect. Keep reading and I’ll tell you what I mean by that…

  • More than 12 different natural ingredients, clinically proven, to reduce anxiety levels.
  • The ingredients is formulated in the exact right proportions
  • Increases the neurotransmitter GABA (responsible for making us feel calm and relaxed)
  • Designed to effectively reduce stress hormones
  • Designed to increase and balance the important neurotransmitters Serotonin and Dopamine

All those are proven to work, whiche is great because that makes it an excellent natural anti anxiety and anti depression supplement on its own…

however:¬†although increasing serotonin, dopamine, and putting those neurotransmitters in balance would alone be enough to make ProVanax a powerful supplement, they have put yet another powerful weapon in the ingredient list…

…enter: “phenibut”

What is Phenibut And Why Does It Help Make Provanax So Effective?

Phenibut is a GABA receptor agonist. Specifically working on the GABA-b receptors in the brain. This makes the effect somewhat like alcohol (relaxing and confidence increasing) or benzodiazepines, like valium or diazepam…

…however, there is a BIG difference…

…while it acts a bit like alcohol, with the confidence increase and relaxation, it does NOT impair cognition function like alcohol and benzo’s does. This is one of the reasons I use ProVanax to make me more outgoing, lower my anxiety leves. However, unlinke alcohol, there is no risk of doing anything stupid while using it…

…in fact, it can even make our thinking CLEARE and that is also why Russian cosmonauts (for whom phenibut originally were developed) use it when they need something calming, yet something that does not impair their ability to think clearly.

Indeed it is understandable that cosmonauts can’t take anything that dull their senses, like alcohol or benzodiazepines would do.

The downside of phenibut

Just like with benzodiazepines, or alcohol, the tolerance for phenibut increases if we use it too often. This is why it is good to cycle ProVanax in order to keep the strong anti anxiety effects.

An example of effective cycling
  • Two days¬†USING¬†and one day¬†PAUS
  • One day USING¬†and one day¬†PAUS¬†(this works really¬†well for me)
  • One day¬†USING¬†and two days¬†PAUS¬†(works even better for me)
  • Five days¬†USING¬†and two days¬†PAUS¬†(not the way I do it but some people successfully do)
  • Three weeks USING¬†and one week¬†PAUS¬†(in my opinion not the best alternative but, again, many use it with great results like this)

provanax anxiety supplement“A small downside of phenibut is that there is a risk of developing a tolerance to it if overdosing and using it too often. However it is important to note that this could only happen if you abuse it and overdose ProVanax with amounts that are FAR higher than the recommended doses, that are written on the bottle.”

Turns out they only use a very small dose

I wanted to know the exact dose used in ProVanax so I contacted the manufacturers in order to learn how much Phenibut they use in each capsule. The answer calmed me because the dose per capsule, at the time of me asking, was 115mg.

This is a EXTREMELY low dose and if using ProVanax like recommended, and at the right doses, there are virtually zero risks using it. So do not think that using this natural supplement is harmful, like alcohol or benzodiazepines.

Here’s the deal:

Even though phenibut works for reducing anxiety and stress, phenibut alone does not do the job nearly as well as ProVanax. I have tried different brands of phenibut, in fact I still have a few in my kitchen drawer, but non of them works as effectively as ProVanax.

This is because of all the ingredients in ProVanax, working in synergy, to create a high anti anxiolytic effect, so yeah…

…I really think they got the proportion of the ingredients in it dialed down, making this supplement very hard to beat by other anxiety supplements.

The reason it works so well despite the extremely low dose of phenibut is, again, because all the ingredients in ProVanax works synergistically to enhance each other. THIS is why Provanax really shines as a natural anxiety and stress supplement. 

My Personal ProVanax Experience
Does it Work and Exaxctly HOW Effective is It?

Here are a few situations where I personally have been using ProVanax and still use it, in some of them, today…

  • Dating (particularly the first few dates)
  • Almost every time I perform music infront of an audience (I play the trumpet and have a couple of gigs a year)
  • Performance anxiety in the bedroom (works¬†excellent for this as it also increases sex drive)
  • It was a great help the first few times I met my girlfriends parents (my GF at the time)
  • If I feel high social anxiety when I’m invited to a dinner party (I often have anxiety about eating in front of other people)
  • If I need help with sleep (still use it today for insomnia a few times a month)
  • If I get nasty panic attacks (even though I feel much better today, I still get them sometimes but ProVanax really eliminates them)
  • If my mood is stuk in “low gear” for a few days in a row, it will help me get back up

The strongest effect kicks in after about two hours

When  I take ProVanax I can feel some of the effect after as soon as 45-50 minutes. The feeling is just a slight relaxation in my body and my thoughts becomes more positive in general.

But for me, the interesting thing happens about 2-3 hours after I swallowed my capsules,¬†at this point I really feel a significant reduction in my anxiety levels and I also notice a pretty significant lift in my mood and confidence…

…this is where ProVanax shines and really put all the other anxiety supplements to shame.

ProVanax Increases Libido For Some People

Personally I use ProVanax for stress and anxiety however a nice “bonus effect” I find is that it also increases my sex drive and motivation. I suspect this is because it raises dopamine levels in the brain and dopamine is really one of the key players when it comes to motivation, drive and hornyness. This is not necessarily a benefit, if you are single and have no partner…

…if you know what I mean.

I think the full effects takes about 2-3 hours to kick in because there are many different ingredients in it, and some of them starts working sooner while a few of them take longer to start doing their job. Once they do, however, my anxiety levels drop by…well, I would estimate: 60-90%

Speaking Of Ingredients
This is What’s in it…

  1. Valerian root
  2. Passion flower
  3. Phenibut
  4. L-Theanine
  5. Magnesium
  6. Vitamin B6
  7. St. Johns Worth
  8. 5-HTP
  9. L-Tryptophan
  10. Lithium orotate
  11. Lemon balm
  12. GABA

Now, when I contacted the manufactures the interesting thing I learned was, while these are the basic “core ingredients”, the recipe is not 100% “fixed” and they constantly try to improve their product by tweaking and doing small modifications…

…I like that because that means that they really want to produce a product that works better than other anxiety supplements.


Using it, in cycles, for long periods of time has helped me with my anxiety and depression during my years of struggling. This is because, not only does it work fast with reducing anxiety, it also optimizes dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain and, by doing this, it really becomes a natural alternative to the prescription antidepressants…

..which I’m happy to say I got off 6 years ago. And I am NEVER going to go back on those. The side effects from Mirtazapine, Paxil, Xanax, Diazepam, Lexapro/Escitalopram, Cipralex (those were the ones I used for many years) were just too much for me to handle. They were nasty!

Some Advice For You If You will decide to try it:

If you want to give ProVanax a try then I have a suggestion for you…

Take it on an empty stomach!

Now, of course that’s not required for it to work but I have found that it works even better that way. So for the optimal effect I try to not eat anything at all for 2h before taking ProVanax. If you do not feel anything after two hours, take an additional 2-3 capsules.

This way, I’m pretty confident it will work for most people…even for those that normally have a hard time getting calming effects from substances.

Any Side Effects From Using ProVanax?

Trying to think but I seriously can’t find any. This is not to say that everyone will experience the same results but I think that goes without saying. Since we are all different. We are all individuals…

…individuals, reacting differently to different things in our world.

Disclaimer: You should always talk to your doctor befor trying ANY supplement, if you are already on any prescription antidepressants or anti anxiety medications, as interactions my occur!

Is it Worth The Money?

Well, I would like to see the price being a bit lower but I guess that, when it comes to quality and effectiveness, just like with any product, we get what we pay for…

…and it’s really not THAT expensive.¬†Especially if you buy three bottles at once because then you get a massive discount and get one bottle for free. This is the way I order it and three bottles lasts several months for me. If you would like check the price you can click here.

I have talked about it before, here on my website, but during my years of struggling with depression and anxiety, ProVanax was really a lifesaver for me. I have tried many different supplements, spending a lot of money, and so far I have not found a natural depression and anxiety supplement that works as well as this one.

So this is my experience with provanax and that’s why I wanted to write this ProVanax review. I do feel a lot better today, so nowadays I only use ProVanax in periods of really high stress, when I can’t sleep or if I sometimes have a relapse to anxiety again (which doesn’t happen that often any more) I do also use it, to this day, when I have a music gig and have to perform with my trumpet playing in front of a lot of people, as it works very well for performance anxiety.

Best of all: Our satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with a one year, full money back, guarantee.

They guys over at the ProVanax site offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back…

…no questions asked. This is good because then we can’t lose anything when trying it out. It also shows that they are confident in their own product to be able to give such a guarantee.

Where is The Best Place To Get ProVanax?

For the lowest price I personally find it best to order the product directly from the vendor. I have noticed that they constantly keep changing the price so I can’t tell you exactly what it costs but you can
click here to check current pricing at their website

What Others Are Saying About ProVanax?

I wanted to find out if others too experienced positive result from using ProVanax, so I took a look at the feedback. There are a lot of positive testimonials on their site, here are just a couple…

I’ve had an anxiety disorder for over 30 years. I’ve taken many Rxs’ & supplements to help . Out of everything I’ve used, this is the best. It absolutely takes the edge off and helps me ride it out.¬† I can really feel some relief; not bursting out of my skin anymore ūüôā It has enabled me to get off Xa¬∑nex, etc for over a year now!!

I’ve had anxiety for no reason for the past 10 years, probably combination of age and a horrific head injury 10 years past. I’ve tried single homeopathic remedies, yoga, breathing, etc. and I have to say, this is the first time I have felt calm and relaxed, even when driving which is a real trigger for me. For those who don’t see results, I suggest increasing the dose. Also, if you can, don’t eat or drink anything (even water) for 15 minutes on either side of taking it. I will never be without this again, and now keep a little vial in my purse just in case.¬†

Hello … My name is Toni and I wanted to let everyone know that ProVanax is a hot product that works immediately. I am so impressed.¬†

Final Verdict… Is ProVanax Worth It?

Answer: I think so, Yes!thumbs up


  • It works fast (even on high anxiety levels)
  • It works for reducing symptoms of depression
  • It takes a second to swallow and there are no side effects.
  • It comes with a one year money back guarantee.

And it will save you from many sleepless nights because you won’t have to worry about the next days anxiety provoking situations, and because the ingredients in it helps with sleep in and of themselves.

Stress and anxiety is one of the worst things for our health so It‚Äôs important that we do everything we can to solve the issue, because if we don’t do anything about it, the anxiety tends to only get worse as the years go by. I know it did for me and I ended up on those hard, prescription drugs. Well, like I said, no more of those for me!

Thank you for reading my ProVanax review and here’s to you having many stress and anxiety free days ahead.

Good Luck, and remember, stay strong!

-Bob Castle-


Effectiveness on Worry, Stress and Anxiety 8.8
Relaxing Effects and Effects on Reducing Trembling 8.3
Effectiveness on Panic Attacks 7.8
Effectiveness on Mood and Depression 7.3


  • Works well for social anxiety, performance anxiety and anxiety in general
  • Helps with insomnia and relaxation of the body
  • Is effective for mood issues
  • Is effective for optimizing Dopamine and Serotonin levels


  • Works best if used in "cycles"
  • The price could be a bit lower
  • The effects could kick in a bit faster (it sometimes takes about 1,5-3h for me)















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  1. I am trying to derox from valium

    Can this drug help with that

    I cannot take many supplements as on warfarin, cani use provanax

    1. Yes, infact that is what I did myself when I was coming off benzos, several years ago. Just remember to cycle it for best effects. Good luck and much love!

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