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Take a look at these intersting anxiety and depression tools. It’s pretty amazing what today’s technology can do.

Weighted Blankets For Anxiety and Insomnia

Do weighted blankets work for anxiety? Nowadays there are studies made on almost everything, and yes, that goes for weighted blankets and anxiety as well. Weighted blankets works for anxiety, depression and insomnia in several ways. There are a few…

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Luminette 2 Light Thearpy Glasses Review

The Luminette light therapy glasses shines (literally) when it comes to reducing depression and S.A.D (Seasonal affective disorder) and treating sleep problems. For some people they can also be used to treat anxiety.  Personally, however, I noticed that they…

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The Muse Brain Sensing Headband for Eliminating Anxiety and Getting Into “The Zone”

This is a sweet device. The Muse Head band works by giving instant feedback, teaching us exactly how to enter that relaxed state. With a little training we can become masters at controlling our thoughts and emotions…

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spire stress tracker reviewSpire Stone Stress Tracker Review

The Spire Stone is a gadget that can benefit everyone who easily get’s stressed or who suffers from anxiety. This device tracks your breathing all day long and it will know, even before YOU do, when you are about to get anxiety. It will then allert you and help guide you in order to prevent or eliminate your anxiety…read more