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How to naturally increase testosterone levels

I did an experiment on myself to see how high I could raise my testosterone levels in a natural way. In this post I write exactly how I managed to increase my levels by almost 400% !!!

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two glasses of wineHow does drinking alcohol affect our testosterone?

In the summer of 2017 I did an experiment with blood tests and drinking. My goal was to find out what drinking alcohol does to our testosterone levels….and oh yeah, to have fun at the same time 😉

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How to overcome low self-esteem

Learning how to overcome low self-esteem can be one of the most imortant things you can do for yourself. Low self-esteem makes you more prone to depression, anxiety and even physical illness. Not to meantion it can be a real barrier between you and the life you want to live…read more

Using beta blockers for performance anxiety

How safe is it? Many people use beta blockers for their performance anxiety. It is very common among musicians, for example, but now some worrisome reports are showing that they may actually do more harm than good. Read the article beta blockers and performance anxiety to find out more