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How to naturally increase testosterone levels

I did an experiment on myself to see how high I could raise my testosterone levels in a natural way. In this post I write exactly how I managed to increase my levels by almost 400% !!!

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two glasses of wineHow does drinking alcohol affect our testosterone?

In the summer of 2017 I did an experiment with blood tests and drinking. My goal was to find out what drinking alcohol does to our testosterone levels….and oh yeah, to have fun at the same time 😉

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How to overcome low self-esteem

Learning how to overcome low self-esteem can be one of the most imortant things you can do for yourself. Low self-esteem makes you more prone to depression, anxiety and even physical illness. Not to meantion it can be a real barrier between you and the life you want to live…read more

Using beta blockers for performance anxiety

How safe is it? Many people use beta blockers for their performance anxiety. It is very common among musicians, for example, but now some worrisome reports are showing that they may actually do more harm than good. Read the article beta blockers and performance anxiety to find out more

Natural Ways to Deal With Anxiety and Depression

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Of all the anxiety tools on this website – This is what has helped me the most

It was about three our four years ago since I first tried this natural anxiety and mood supplement for the first time. Since then I have been a regular user and I still use it, from time to time, today. I have tried almost every anxiety supplement, and tool there is, and so far nothing has even come close to this. There are however a few important things to know before considering…learn more

16 Shockingly effective ways to deal with anxiety

In this post we will list a LOT of tools and tricks you can use to naturally deal with your anxiety. There are many natural ways to deal with anxiety and…

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Is My Social Anxiety Only Going to Get Worse With Age?

Many people who suffers from social anxiety are asking the question “Will my social anxiety get better or worse with age?” In order to answer the question, and you might perhaps not like the answer, we have to…

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How does meditation help with anxiety?

Meditation can be a very powerful tool for our health but few people know why it is so effective for reducing anxiety. In this article you will discover why and how it works its magic…

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Kava-Kava is Probably One of the Most Effective Natural Remedies for Anxiety.

Kava-kava  is an extract of the plant “Piper methysticum”, a plant native to the western Pacific islands. The name Kava is Tongan and means “bitter”. Kava can be taken as a supplement or in tea form. The extract has been shown to be as effective as real anxiety medications for reducing …read more

How to help someone who suffers from anxiety and depression

Almost all people know someone who suffers from depression or stress related issues. Read this article with valuable tips on how you can help your loved ones….read more

I’m so nervous meeting my girlfriends parents. What should I do to make it easier?

This is a very common and the reason for this is that you care a great deal and want to make a good impression. You feel you don’t want to make misstakes and come of as a…read more

Will my anxiety get better if I stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol does on number of things to our brains. In this article we explore IF, and how, quitting alcohol can benefit you if you are suffering from...continue reading


How magnesium can help with anxiety and depression

Magnesium is a very important mineral that many people are deficient in. Supplementing with this mineral was the first step I hade to take in order for me to overcome my anxiety. It did not cure me completely but I learned that nothing else I try will work if my magnesium levels are too low...read more

Social anxiety is ruining my life!

I was walking on the railroad tracks, waiting for the train to come and end it all. If social anxiety is ruining my life this much I might as well give up. And so…

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Overcoming Fear of Eating In Front Of Others

Having anxiety about eating in front of others can seriously lower the overall quality of life. In order to overcome this fear it is of absolute importance to…

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Does Ashwagandha Help Anxiety?ashwagandha plant

Ashwagandha is what we call an “adaptogenic herb” and it possesses many interesting properties indeed. The quality of the brands matter but it is safe to say that…

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How to overcome stage fright or performance anxiety

Performing a piece of music, giving a speach or, for some, just doing SOMETHING when other people are watching can be a nightmare. In this article I share some tips that most people find helpful.

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cbd for anxietyCBD oil to help with anxiety and panic attacks!

For ages people have been smoking marijuana to calm their nerves but what about CBD oil? can it do the same? Does it make us high? …

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a spinning worldCan anxiety make you feel dizzy?

Sometimes we  don’t care, and we shouldn’t, but other times we MUST know the causes behind what we are experiencing. Anxiety and dizziness…

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What is the best prescription anxiety medication with least side effects?

Prescription anxiety drugs, sadly, comes with a lot of nasty and, often dangerous, side effects. We should make an effort to…

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Porn Addiction and Rebooting

How do I stop watching porn?
More tools and tips for better erections during reboot and flatline
Why you must be careful with high speed internet porn
Is it OK to have sex with girlfriend during my reboot
Inspiring reboot success stories

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