Mental & Cognitive

16 Unusual ways to deal with anxiety

We all need tools and tricks in our life’s toolbox and in this article will give you a LOT of natural ways to deal with anxiety. Some of the natural remedies for anxiety are quite extreme and it is important to…

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What to do when having an anxiety attack

If you ever have wondered what to do when having an anxiety attack then reading this article will answer that question for you. There are THREE IMPORTANT steps we need to learn and master in order for us to ocercome a panic attack.

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Natural Ways to Increase Serotonin Levels in The Brain

Natural ways to increase serotonin levels in the brain is, of course, prefered over prescription medication. In this blog post I take a dive into some practical ways, with EASY tips, on how to   …read more

Happiness Protocol

A truly effective plan you can use to instantly lift your mood. People have even gotten rid of their depression by following it regularly. Even if you are not depressed, doing this will make you feel truly amazing. Sometimes when I have a really…

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Overcoming The Fear Of Eating In Front Of Others

Anxiety about eating in public has been, and to some degree, still is my biggest fear. In order to overcome the fear of eating in front of others (social phobia) we have to…

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How to overcome stage fright / performance anxiety

Feeling nervous when having to perform in front of an audience or just in front of peopale in general is normal. However, when that nervousness becomes crippling anxiety, we should take a look at a few things…read more

How to deal with a job interview when you have social anxiety?

Job interviews can be a situations that makes most people nervous. Having social anxiety makes this even harder. We take a look at the question “how to get a job with social anxiety”, and we will give you helpful tips to make the situation easier..…read more

How to not be so anxious meeting your girlfriends parents

Many of us have been there. Sleepless nights leading up to the dreaded meeting. Yes, the first few times we meet our girlfriends parent can be scary. Here follows a few tips on how you best…

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Inspiring words of wisdom when times are hard or when you want to excel in life

Nothing else can light the fire under our emotions and desires as well formulated texts, melodies or similar art forms. On this page you can read, take in, and breathe the wisdome from sometimes hundreds to thousand years old writings… all he way up to the words of todays wise men…read more