Luminette Light Therapy Glasses Review – For Depression –

luminette 2 bright light therapy glasses for depression

Luminette 2 Bright Light Therapy Glasses Review
Light Therapy Glasses For Depression
-My Experience-

luminette 2 light therapy glasses reviewMy friend bought the Luminette 2 Light therapy glasses last winter when she was having serious mood issues, (you can click here to check the price on Amazon), and she was kind enough to let me try them out for a couple of weeks…

…so, I thought it would be a good idea for me to write a short review about my experience with the Luminette glasses.

Ready for it?

Great because here we go:

What exactly is light therapy ?

Light therapy, also known as photo therapy, is used for improving not only depression and S.A.D but other issues as well, such as insomnia, jet lag and anxiety. During light therapy a source of light is directed at your eyes. This light source is a very safe light…

…kind of like looking at the blue sea.

The light therapy origin goes back almost 80 years.

Norman Rosenthal, a doctor from South Africa, living in America, started to notice that he developed mood issues every year when autumn rolled around. With his friends from the Institute of Mental Health, he started researching and proved that it was possible to overcome this depression using a source of light directed at the eyes.

Do light therapy glasses work?
New studies on light therapy comes out every year

Each year, new studies are coming out, showing the benefits of light therapy and, in particular, the light therapy glasses. Some of those studies have shown light therapy to help with issues like:

  • Depression and S.A.D (Seasonal affective disorder)
  • Anxiety
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer disease
  • Brain injuries
  • Tobacco or alcohol withdrawal

So the light treatment  is far from being a scam and are already finding its way to many therapists depression and anxiety tool belt.

How does light therapy glasses work?

By focusing blue-enriched white light at the eyes the brain response by increasing something called 5-HTT BPND  (serotonin transporter binding). When we have high levels of 5-HTT BP, and this is especially common during autumn and winter times, it may lead to serotonin loss and low mood. This happens in many regions in the brain and as most of us know…

…serotonin is a major player in regulating mood, self esteem and feelings of happiness.

The light from the Luminette glasses penetrates the retina, a zone rich in photoreceptors…

…then the magic happens. When the photoreceptors are stimulated they will send messages to our biological clock. When this happens the system responsible for our biological clock will stop pumping our melatonin and instead start producing “feel good” neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.


A study of 11 women and 10 men showed that bright light therapy worked to significantly lower the levels of the 5-HTT BPND and as a result the participants reported a big improvement in their mood.

Here are a few links with studies made on the Luminette light therapy glasses:   

How do you use the Luminette 2 SAD bright light glasses?

The Luminette glasses sits a little bit above your eyes. In my opinion they are pretty comfortable and easy to use.

  • They are meant to be used once a day and preferable in the mornings
  • Have them on for about 15-45 minutes
  • The effects are noticeable right away, however the strongest effects will kick in after about 5-8 days of use
  • You can continue to walk around, doing what you normally do during the therapy.
  • They are much more convenient that light therapy boxes which you have to sit in front of for 60 minutes and not be able to move.

What results did I personally notice?
Luminette light therapy glasses review…
…my experience

Light therapy glasses for SAD, light therapy glasses for sleep, light therapy glasses for depression: CHECK…CHECK…CHECK!

This would not be a complete Luminette light therapy  review if I left this part out would it? Even though I have bigger issues with anxiety than depression I do suffer from depression from time to time. Especially seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D)…

…for me, the months of autumn,  October, November December, are the worst. Last year I had the opportunity to borrow the Luminette from my friend so that I could could give them a real test drive.

First I have to say that my depression, at the time, was not severe but it was also not mild. I would put it somewhere in the middle range. I did go to my job every day but it was a big struggle and I almost took out sick leave…

…so let’s put my depression at a “medium” level.

Here is what the Luminetter light therapy glasses did for my depression:
  • Day 1:

I did not notice anything at all even though the company claims that the first effects should be noticeable right way.

  • Day 2:

After the second morning I did notice a slight lift in mood. Nothing drastic but it encouraged me to keep going. Not too sure I was thinking that it could be the placebo effect.

  • Day 3-5:

Now I could definitely notice improvements in my depressive symptoms and by now I knew that it was more than just placebo

  • Day 12-21 :

I was pleasantly surprised at the effects I estimated that the glasses now had helped me reduce my depression with about 70-80% (rough estimate)

I also noticed that the glasses helped significantly with me being able to fall asleep and STAY asleep. This was very welcome because in addition to anxiety and depression I also suffer from insomnia.

To be fair we should always remember that there are hundreds of factors playing a role in how we feel and of course I can not be 100% sure that the glasses get’s all the credit for me getting 80% better. That said it was a fast improvement right after I started using the light therapy. So…

…yeah, I was impressed.

Not even prescription antidepressants worked this well for me back when I was on them. (Lexapro, Paxil and Mirtazapine)

I also want to remind the readers of that we are all different, and what works for one might not work for another but being that they worked so well for me well, …

…I can not help but recommending them for people struggling with S.A.D, depression in general as well as insomnia.

Is the Luminette 2 light therapy glasses worth the money?
Final Verdict:

luminetter light therapy glasses reviewWell, I guess that comes down to how much one values health and feeling well…

…and how much one hate feeling down.

They are quite expensive so we should definitely put some thought into it before buying them.

Personally I can not keep using my friends glasses, with good conscious, because I know she needs them herself….

…then again, I can stand being without motivation, joy and feelings like nothing matters so yes, for me they are worth it and I will probably order a pair before the next winter roles around.

The Luminette are better than other light therapy device out there…

According to my friend, who has tried several different brands, the Luminette is the best light therapy glasses out there right now. Personally I would not know as I have not tried any other brands.

To be honest I had hopes that they would work a little bit better for my anxiety though…

…since they increase serotonin levels in the brain) I did notice a slight drop in my anxiety levels but it was almost nothing compared to the anti depressant effect the glasses had.

So for me, the glasses worked very well for increasing mood and so the answer is:

YES! The glasses are worth the money.

You can >> Click here now to check the price << on Amazon

Personally, I’m done with prescription drugs!

I’m done with antidepressant drugs. That I’m 100% sure of. I spent years fighting to come off them and they took so much away from me so I’m NEVER EVER going back on those…

…so yeah, I’m all about finding other alternatives. The Luminette 2 bright light therapy glasses are definitely a good alternative to the prescription drugs.

I guess we should not complain about paying just a little over 100 bucks if we get something that works without side effects. If you do decide to try them out I’d say GO FOR IT! When it comes to our health…

…well, in my book that is where the money we invest should go because nature has a nasty habit of making things worse, if we don’t do anything about our problems.

Summary of the Luminette 2 light therapy glasses review:

Luminette 2 - SAD Bright Light Therapy Glasses Review

Effectiveness on Depression 8.6
Effectiveness on Insomnia 9.0
Effectiveness on Anxiety 5.5
Ease of use 9.5


  • Works very well for S.A.D and Depression in general
  • Works AMAZINGLY well for sleep and eliminating sleep problems
  • Easy to use


  • Does not help that well with anxiety
  • It would be nice if the price were a bit lower

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Thank you for reading the article “Luminette Light Therapy Glasses Review – For Depression -”

-Bob Castle-