How to Lift Your Mood When You Feel Down? [BADASS PROTOCOL-HAPPINESS PROTOCOL]

How to Lift Your Mood When You Feel Down.
Start Feeling Awesome With The Natural Health Evolution BadAss Protocol/
Happiness Protocol

how to lift your mood when you feel down

I often get the question: “Bob, can you offer me some advice on what PRACTICAL things I can do to lift my mood when I’m feeling down or are slightly depressed?”

They continue explaining that, while things like therapy, mindfulness and psychological tools are great and all, they are more of a practical person…

…and it would be easier for them to get advice in form of some kind of concrete step by step action to follow…

…a ‘protocol’, if you will, with practical things to do that ,IF they promise to follow, will make them feel better???

Well…my answer is:  I actually do have such a thingMy personal BadAss Protocol!

a depressed man is wondering how to lift his mood when he feeling downYou know how frustrating it is when nothing makes you feel any joy or happiness, no matter what happens around you?…

…I certainly do because I have been there many times and if you’re there right now I feel your pain.

As I said I have been there many times myself and…

….that’s why I, by trial and error, finally came up with what I called a “happiness protocol” and I quickly noticed that IF I managed to muster up the energy to follow it, it really worked incredibly fast and boosted my mood significantly.

a strong manI have even managed to lift myself up from quite severe depressed states using it and EVERY TIME I have used it, for just a few days to a few weeks, I have again and again been AMAZED at how good I started to feel.

…Sometimes I would even go as far as to use the words “feel amazingly awesome!”

Now, nothing in life is 100% guaranteed so of course I can’t promise it will give amazing results for EVERYONE who tries it HOWEVER I would like to challenge you…

…I challenge you to try it out for a few days and try to NOT start feeling, at least a little bit, better!  My guess is you won’t be able to 😉

** The protocol takes just a little bit of preparation work from you. Before you start it, come up with one goal for yourself. A goal that is very realistic and something you can achieve in a relative short time frame. (a few weeks)…

…even if nothing excites you right now or if the thought of working on a goal seems like “meeh, what’s the point?” to you, come up with one anyway. Choose something that you know would be good for you if you managed to achieve it.

When you have come up with one then write it down. This is important!

This protocol is not just for people with low mood!  It will lift your mood and make you start feeling so awesome that, even if you already feel pretty good, you will notice a BIG difference.

I do not have issues with depression anymore but I still use it today (from time to time) and EVERY TIME I STILL GET AMAZED at how awesome it makes me feel…

…So call it what you want, whether it’s a “happiness protocol” or “badass protocol”. Both of the names are vey well suited. If you are a person who just needs a boost of some sort then try this out. It will supercharge you and give you the edge, making you achieve your goals faster than you could ever imagine and best of all…

…when you are done with the morning routine in this protocol you will take on the day with a strong feeling like “Your are ready to conquer the world”


The Happiness/BadAss Protocol

Here goes, a very concrete, step by step, formula as requested :

A) Wake up in the morning and drink TWO large glasses of water. (Do not eat breakfast yet)

B) Do 30 minutes of exercise on an empty stomach. (Ideal heartbeat per minute is 170-your age. So if you are 40 years old 170-40 = 130bmp. Use heart rate monitor if you have one. If not the just do any exercise at a moderate intensity)

C) Take one capsule of Dr. Robbins brain supplement Provanax

D) Take you morning shower. (After you have done all the normal cleaning, shampooing and rinsing turn the water to as cold as you can stand. Wait a moment and then turn it even colder and finally all the way to the coldest setting. Your aim is to work your way up to 2-3 minutes on the coldest setting. It might take 2-3 tries before you get there.)

E) Supercharge your mind for 10 minutes (sitting down with eyes closed)

  1. Take five minutes thinking about what you have in your life that you can be grateful for
  2. Continue with another five minutes picturing yourself already having achieved your goal (the one you wrote down) and really try to feel how great you feel about having done so.

F) Eat your breakfast and go about your daily life (school/work/+free time etc.)

G) Supercharge you mind for 10 minutes (late night version just before bedtime)

  1. Take five minutes thinking about all the things you have in your life that you are grateful for. (we all have at least something but IF you don’t find anything then think: “if I wanted to be grateful for something, what would it be?”
  2. Continue with the other five minutes thinking about the question: “what can I do tomorrow that will bring me just a little bit closer to my goal?”

Explanation of the pointers:

The goal setting is important even if it don’t feel like it matters. Our brain is an incredible machine and if we give it something to aim for, amazing things can follow as a result. This is has been proven again and again.

By thinking about a goal everyday (no matter the size of the goal) our subconscious mind  embrace it and it actually starts HELPING us with everything around us in order for us to be able to achieve the goal…

…things like helping us get more energy, become sharper and more focused. IT will start to help us get new perspectives, ideas and, if we keep it up it, starts giving us a sense of having a purpose in life.  Do NOT underestimate this!

A) The Water

a glass of waterBy starting your day like this you set off the whole day with something that is truly healthy and good for the brain. Did you know that the very start of the day, most of the time, dictates how the rest of the day will turn out?

In addition, 85% of the brain tissue is water and studies link mood disorders to dehydration because it reduces energy generation in the brain. In many cases lack of water can be the very culprit in mood disorders.

But more importantly, by starting your day with something that you KNOW is this good for the brain, it will send a strong signal to your subconscious mind that you indeed are getting better and improving…

…and as i already told you, having the subconscious mind on our side is something we really want since it possesses amazing powers to start helping us without we even knowing it. (It’s like a personal assistant, making sure we get the job done)

B) The Exercise

exercise bikeHundreds and hundreds of studies show how exercise helps whit a bunch of things and mood and depression is at the very top of that list.

“Exercise helps the brain, making sure the dopamine and serotonin levels are balanced, and regulates the other neurotransmitters as well.”

The 170-your age is to make sure you are in the optimal intensity zone but if you do not have a heartbeat monitor then don’t worry about this. Just do any kind of exercise at a moderate intensity.

The reason you should do it on an empty stomach is because the effects on the brain are even more powerful that way. Just one example is that it induces an even bigger expression of the brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)…

…BDNF helps to support the survival of neurons that we have and encourages the growth, regeneration and creation of new synapses and neurons in the brain.,,

…bottom line, it’s VERY good stuff!

C) The Brain  Supplement

brain pill boxThis is a pretty amazing brain supplement that i personally use whenever I start to feel that my anxiety and depression is coming back.

It combines the most powerful, clinically proven, ingredients on the forefront of brain health research and each of the ingredients is potent on their own, but together, they work synergistically, giving even better results.

The company market this supplement as a “anxiety and stress reliever” and as a way to “increase your mood and lower depression”.

With my personal experiences in mind, as well as looking at my friends experiences with this pruduct, I can only agree with their claims and that’s why I highly recomment Provanax.

If you would like to learn more how this supplement works you can
click here to read and learn more about it

D) The Cold Shower

cold showerThis one is also very…very…VERY powerful. It is more powerful than you could ever imagine…

…but I have to be honest with you: it is also the one that is the most difficult to do. It takes discipline and willpower.

HOWEVER IF you manage to do them, and I highly recommend you start getting use to them, they actually help with lifting the mood INSTANTLY and the effects also builds up, getting stronger, over time. They truly have the ability to make you feel awesome.

Listen up here!

They are even MORE effective than the exercise. There are people who has cured their depression with cold showers alone and nothing else. And if you use them in combination with all the other pointers in the happiness protocol you will start feeling awesome!

Researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine came out with a rapport that showed depressed patients experienced a significant mood improvement from cold water exposure. The patients took a 2-3 minute shower at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, once or twice daily for two months.

Cold showers has also been shown to

  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Make us more resilient to stress
  • Significantly increase our motivation and DRIVE to go after what we want/need
  • Strengthen our immune system
  • Increase our dopamine
  • increase the bodies natural endorfines

Pretty badass right?

Now research can be interesting and is all good, but the REAL interesting part starts when you actually try it out for yourself, and see the results first hand. You do NOT have to wait a month to se the effects, let me tell you, you will notice a mood lift VERY QUICKLY!

Should you bee interested in studies though then here is just a little bit more…

…other studies has also been done and demonstrated that cold showers are remarkably effective at lifting symptoms of depression and related mood issues.

Yet another study found cold water therapy to be even more effective at relieving depression and mood instability than the antidepressant “Paxil” (One of the leading SSRI’s),and yet another study found that cold showers  works wonders for both depression as well as fatigue syndrome.

Do a little google research if you want to know more but here are just two links to studies: Study1, Study2

E) Supercharge Your Mind for 10 Minutes

By now you understand the importance of making our subconscious mind work for us and not against us so I’m sure you understand the power behind point E) Supercharge your mind…

…however, a few words on gratefulness could perhaps be in place.

Putting ourselves in a state of gratefulness is extremely beneficial. It has been shown that if we do that we can significantly:

  • Increase our IQ
  • Increase our physical strength
  • Increase the immune system
  • Boost almost every brain function
  • Better reach our goals
  • Live longer

…But most importantly and on the top of the research list they found that it:

  • Significantly increase our self esteem and happiness
  • Reduce our anxiety and depression

I think nothing more needs to be added about this point…

…well perhaps that by putting ourselves in a state of gratitude for five minutes BEFORE we take the five minutes to think about our goals, it will supercharge our subconscious mind to really get programmed with the goal…

…that’s why I put the two five minute sections in that particular order.

F) Go About Your Daily Life

I realize everyone has got  a life and we have to live it. Not just take cold showers and be grateful 😉

G) Supercharge Your Mind for 10 Minutes (late night version just before bedtime)

Of course the same principle as point E) here, except now we, again, put ourselves in that powerful state before bedtime, making sure we will fall asleep with the most optimal state of mind a human can bee in, and thus making the following day as good as possible.

a healthy brain after stop watching ponographyIn addition to that, by being in that powerful state the second part where we think the question,

“what can I do tomorrow that will bring me just a little bit closer to my goal?”

,will really help our brain and in everyway to come up with the most effective and best solutions for us. Often times even when we sleep, so that the solutions are there when we wake up the next morning.

There you have it! My personal Happiness/BadAss Protocol

I am VERY confident in it. That said, nothing in life is guaranteed and I can not 100% promise you the same results as I, and many others, have experienced…

…HOWEVER…my challenge to YOU still stands:

I challenge you to try it out for a few weeks and try to NOT start feeling better…

…My hallucination is…it can’t be done 😉

I know life is hard and often throws  rotten deals at us, but now  you have  a tremendously strong weapon in this protocol…

…so start doing it and take these words with you as you rapidly start growing stronger and stronger:

“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack!!”

Much Love!

-Bob Castle/ AKA “Scandinavian Bob-

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