Flatline Nofap/Libido Supplements for ED (During PMO Reboot)

VigRX Plus My Personal Experience

Effectiveness on Libido, (after having done a reboot) 10.0
Effectiveness on Libido, horniness during my reboot 8.0
Effectiveness on Erections After Reboot 9.5
Effectiveness on Erections during my reboot 8.0


  • Kind of makes me feel like a teenager again
  • The only supplement that was able to knock me out of flatline
  • Actually worked better than prescription Viagra for me


  • The price could be a bit lower

Libido Supplements During Flatline / Reboot

Have you thought about natural libido boosters when rebooting or doing nofap?  Well, during my own reboot I most certainly did, and I tried almost everything I could get my hands on…

First let me make it clear that I’m not an expert. In fact there are no experts when it comes to porn induced ED, nofap, rebooting and the science behind it. No experts can be found  no matter where we look. This is because the whole “high speed internet porn addiction” is such new phenomena.

So, nope, I’m not an expert, however, I did suffer from porn induced ED (not completely, but very sluggish and weak erections) and that was the main reason I started my  reboot from porn in the year 2012…

…and since then I have learned a lot. So in this article I’m going to share the tools, tricks and supplements I found to be helpful. The article will be dived in

  • Supplements for libido and erection quality during reboot & flatline
  • General tips for libido and erection quality during reboot & flatline
  • Supplement tips for rebooting (in general) and avoiding relapse
  • General tips for rebooting and avoiding relapse 

During my reboot I tried everything I could get my hands on. I’m a real “supplement” guy and I like experimenting with everything. However, I do realize that not everyone is and that’s fine, of course…

…if you are not into supplements then just read the other “non supplement” advice, and try them out instead. I’m sure you will find at least some of them to be helpful. That said I do believe that libido supplements during reboot can be helpful to knock us out of flatline.

Just a short disclaimer before we start:

If you have a porn addiction, no tools will ever be as important as doing a reboot. Do not neglect rebooting just because there are tools to help!  They are tools to assist and help, NOT to replace healing your brain! Also it might be possible that you PIED (porn induced ED) is so severe that these tools will do no good for you at all at this stage in your reboot. IF you, on the other hand, have mild PIED or can achieve  some kind of”semi erection” then the tips will almost certainly be helpful to you.

Ok, so let’s jump straight in to the good stuff! I’ll start with the most interesting and most powerful tip first, and then work my way down the list.

By the way, I have also made a more in depth VigRX Plus review over on my PMO reboot website.

Supplements for libido and erections
during reboot and flatline

Tip #1
–VigRx Plus–

I was surprised to find that, even though I was not fully rebooted, the red pills was able to know me out of the libido flatline

I tried ED pills during my reboot and I mean real prescription ED pills like “Viagra” and “Cialis”…

…I got some benefits from them but to my big surprise they did not work nearly as well as VigRX Plus.  This is because drugs like Viagra work only on blood flow, and if we have been hammering our brains reward system with a lot of porn then blood flow is not our main issue here (even though some people could have both issues of course)

Don’t get me wrong, having great blood flow will help a bit with sluggish erections, caused by porn, because the blood stays in the penis for a longer time…

…and this helps us keep the erection when changing positions, or when trying to put the condom on etc…


…those ED pills does NOTHING for our arousal, libido and hornyness and we have another thing to consider here…

…the nasty, unpleasant, dreaded FLATLINE!

supplement for sex drive and libido during flatline nofap
Real viagra olnly helped a tiny bit with keeping my erection when chnging positions, other than that it was pretty much worthless

“If we truly are addicted to porn then, when we go off it, a big part of our reboot will be spent in this “dead zone” where we have little to no sex drive.

This is the flatline at it’s finest, and during the flatline, ED pills are almost useless!

I spent most of my reboot with almost zero libido, and I can say that using natural libido boosters during flatline is a much better alternative than Viagra or Cialis.”

VigRX Plus knocked me out of the flatline

In opposit to the prescription viagra this natural libido booster helped me with

  • Hornyness/sex drive (even when in flatline)
  • Boosted my hornyness to extreme high levels when not in flatline
  • Getting and maintaining a somewhat good erection (even in deep flatline)
  • Having an extreme hard erection when not in flatline (but not fully rebooted)
  • Lasting longer before orgasm (helps with premature ejaculation, both at the time I did my reboot as well as nowadays, after my reboot is done)

VigRX Plus works on the arousal center in the brain AND it also increases blood flow significantly so, even in my periods of deepest flatline, it gave me enough gas in the “libido tank” that I managed to have successful intercourse…

…and they were quite enjoyable as well!

A little later in my reboot, although far from fully rebooted, VigRX Plus even gave me pretty impressive erections with a hardness that reminds me of my teenage years.I tried several natural libido booster to help with flatline during my reboot from porn, but the VigRX Plus was winner, by far…

…and being this powerful this is, obviously, also why I had to put it as number one on my list.

Their website presents pretty impressive studies made on the supplement, for the general public to read

On their website they also present pretty impressive studies made on its efficacy. One can also find  lot of positive testimonials there as well.  If you are interested in trying out this libido supplement during your own reboot you can…

—> click here to go read other real user reviews <—

…to get a broader perspective and not just my opinion on it.

They also have publicaly presented studies of their product on their site. Gotta respect that.

The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey but then again, so are prescription ED pills…

…and they don’t even work as well as VigRX Plus. I guess when it comes to having fun, having sex that is, they know that they can milk us on money.

The libido boosting supplement comes with the option of buying in bulk with “12 pack” as the biggest option all the way down to  buying only one pack . The bigger bulk one buys, the more discount one gets, of course. I write more about how I used this libido booster during flatline in my own porn reboot
in this article,  if you are interested in reading about that.

General tips for erection quality and libido during reboot


doing squats for harder erectionsSo do I mean with weights or without weights?

For the best effect: BOTH!

But more important of the two is the one where you squat down, without weights, several times a day and STAY in the squat position for a while.


When addicted to porn, or even if not addicted, most men have spent a lot of time sitting in front of the computer screen masturbating. (perhaps for many years)

This is a very destructive way to masturbate in the first place, even without the porn, because it will lead to a tight and shortened PC muscle, real name Levator ani. (pelvic floor muscle between the anus and your genital)…

…add porn to the mix to desensitize you and you start contracting the PC muscle unconsciously while masturbating to counteract when the erection is getting a bit softer. (We do this because it temporarily forces a bit more blood into the penis). This is bad…


Here’s the deal

Keep doing this and you will, sooner than later, end up with a short and way too tight pc muscle. To make it even worse:

Short and tight muscles also gets weak!

We have to fix this in some way.

This is where the “squat stretches” enters the picture

I do not recommend doing kegel exercises to strengthen those weak PC muscles of yours. This is because your muscles are already way too tight and by doing kegels, where you are tensing the muscles hard, you risk getting them even tighter…

do THIS instead:

  • Stand on the floor with your feet quite far apart(shoulder width apart or even bit further if possible)
  • Squat down as low as you can go (butt close to the floor)
  • Stay in the position for 1-2 minutes and breathe deeply (breathing is because it relaxes the muscles even further)
  • Do a reverse kegel while you are down there (should feel like gently pushing your anus outwards a bit or like trying to push out the urine faster when peeing)

After you have done this, get up and take a few steps to get the blood circulating even more. Then do the same thing again…

…and get up and take a few steps again. And one last time do the squat!

A total of three times every day for several weeks.

This will stretch your pelvic floor back to it’s optimal length and it will also soften it and improve the blood flow to your genital areas.

What to do about the pelvic floor weakness then?

Enter: normal squats! …

…and unlike good supplements to help with erection during reboot, squats are 100% FREE.

If you are going to the gym, great, do normal squats with the barbell behind your neck (or if you do front squats that also great). Squatting for reps (going down and up several times) WILL automatically strengthen your pelvic floor.

But wait a minute, you say…”I don’t go to the gym! What should I do then?”

…Well, perhaps you should start? Ok ok, I understand that not everyone is interested in going to the gym and if you belong in that category you should still do the squats at home but without the weights. Just slowly squat down and up again for 20-30 reps, rest for a minute and then repeat. For a total of three times…

Do this at least two times a week!

One more thing that makes squats so good for erection quality and libido is that they increase dopamine receptors, dopamine itself AND the powerful hormone testosterone. All which will help increase your sex drive and give you stronger erections.


You should do BOTH the stretch squat AND the regular squats. The first one is for relaxing and lengthening the PC muscle and pelvic floor and the second one for strengthening it…

…make it a routine and I can almost guarantee that you will notice improvements in both erection quality and sensitivity in your precious genital area.

Oh and one more thing….

When having sex or masturbating, you should try to do the same reversed kegel as described in the “stretch squat” position. Do NOT tighten the pc muscles when fucking or masturbating…

…again, do a reversed kegel instead. If you never tried it, you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

Just one warning though…

Don’t push too hard! You don’t want to have anything, in any form, come out of your anus when getting it on with your girl =)

General tips for erection quality and libido during reboot

green tea as a libido enhancer during reboot on nofap flatlineWhat? Why is this? Sounds crazy!

First let me clearly state that this does not work for everyone. The people who get effects from it seems to be divided (around 50/50).

The reason that green tea might be a really great libido booster during flat line, or libido booster at anytime, really. Is because the combination of caffeine (even though it is a small amount) and the amino acid

Caffeine alone is a libido enhancer we can use during flatline because it’s a stimulant that in right amounts increases dopamine and sex drive however, too much of it can cause vasoconstriction and we don’t want that when we are about to have sex. Unlike coffee, green tea has got just the right amount of caffeine for this and then…

…the L-Theanine that green tea also possesses!

This is were people get divided and nobody knows the reason for this. For some people L-Theanine is a major libido enhancer, even during flat line and rebooting, but for others the opposite is true and even reduces their libido. So in what category do you belong?…

…I guess the only way to know is to try it out.

Potentially boost the effect 4x

Now if you try the green tea and don’t notice anything at all it could be because you are just too desensetized from porn or that you belong in the group of people that don’t get the desired effects form L-Theanine.

Here you have one more thing to try.:

Matcha tea!

Matcha is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves and it has 4x the amount of the amino acid L-Theanine in it. You can find it in well equipped grocery stores or health stores so just put some in your shopping cart the next time your out shopping your food. If you are having trouble finding it you can click here to find it on Amazon

Now in addition to the libido boosting effects that can be helpful during your reboot and/or flatline green tea, and especially “Matcha tea” comes with a lot of other health benefits…

…not to mention L-Theanine is calming, which can be very helpful if you suffer from performance anxiety in sexual situations.

Supplement tips for rebooting and avoiding relapse
Tip 4

Of course there is no need for using supplements to overcome an addiction. Thousands of people reboot and overcome addictions without using a single supplement. That said I do personally find brain enhancers very helpful when it comes to demanding self control tasks….

supplements for libido during reboot…and breaking a porn masturbation habit/addiction, I think everyone can agree could be called “a demanding self control task”

I found that using the Brain Pill helped me avoid relapses because of the increased self control and mental focus it gave me. In fact I still use it today to avoid falling back into bad habits.

But how exactly does it help with relapses during reboot?

Most of us have heard of the prefrontal cortex.  This brain region is involved in decision making and controlling our behaviors. The prefrontal cortex is the control center in your brain or…

…the brains “police”, if you will.

The Brain Pill increases blood flow to the prefrontal cortex and, speaking of brains, it does not take a  rocket scientist to figure out how that might significantly increase our self control. Exactly what we need when we are trying to quit a nasty habit…

…like wasting our “life force” into a piece of paper in front of the computer.

What I personally notice when I take the Brain Pill

I no longer use it every day but I still use it about 2-3 times a week, when I have more demanding tasks at work or if I feel I am in danger of making bad decisions…

…like for example relapsing to alcohol or porn. When I take two capsules in the morning, after a couple of hours I notice

  • Less brain fog
  • A much clearer thinking process
  • Less anxiety and better mood
  • More energy
  • Significantly increased self control

I can still get hit by bad thoughts, urges and so on but they are so easy to ignore because of the increased focus and mental clarity. Giving in to the bad ideas just seems incredibly ridiculous when I use the Brain Pill. This is the control center in action!

The Brain Pill has got 13 ingredients/substances in it that are clinically proven to have cognitive enhancing effects for the brain, and I really feel the benefits when I use them. The only downside is the price but hey…

…I guess that there are worse things to spend money on than our health. If you would like to learn more then click here to go to the Brain Pill site and read more

General tips for rebooting and avoiding relapse
Tip 5
–Write down your why…EVERY MORNING–

he is writing down tips to help with nofap and reboot from pornDo NOT underestimate this tip…

Seriously, don’t!!!

Here’s the deal:

Even if it feels like a minor thing, it has a profound effect on our brain and subconscious mind. So often we simply slip into “autopilot mode” right before a relapse. Our thinking is not where it should be and this is why it’s important to imprint into our brains WHY we are rebooting…

…EVERY MORNING! So make a habit of writing down (on paper, not on the computer) the following as soon as you get out of bed every morning:

  • I promise myself that I will be 100% clean today
  • It is very important that I stay clean because…(insert your why/reason for rebooting here)
  • I promise I will remember this as I go about my day

If you do this you will have a much better chance of staying strong and clean when “the autopilot mode”  hits. So Do NOT skip it even for one morning.

It will help you right away but the true power of it will come when you have made it into a habit…

…it builds cumulatively. For more tips on how to stop relapsing and how to stop watching porn you can click here to read my article “how to stop watching porn”

General tips for rebooting and avoiding relapse
Tip 6

This is something I use to do a lot.


…because it helps!

It is a good tool for keeping the motivation and drive to do a good reboot. In fact I have collected a few inspiring reboot success stories here on my site. If you want to go take a look at them you can
click this link here.

Motivation helps with what ever goals we want to achieve in our lives but…

…let’s face it:

No one can be motivated all of the time. There will be days, and they will come pretty often, when you don’t feel motivated at all. Zero motivation. Almost like you don’t even care whether you relapse or not. This is where reading success stories, from people who rebooted, comes in handy. They will remind you of the better life that is out there and waiting for you. And if other people can do it…

…well so can you!

Final Words

Try to implement these tips for rebooting, perhaps try some of the libido enhancing supplements, and get your life back on track. Everything gets so much better if you kick the nasty porn demon out of your lie for good.

a good supplement for sex drive when going thorugh flatlineIf you also suffer from depression, social anxiety or anxiety in general, then take look around this website for more natural ways and tips on how to deal with those issues, as there are a lot them here.

Ok, so there you have it. I hope you find at least some of these tips to be informative and helpful. Try them out and good luck with your reboot and erections!

Stay strong and much love!

Thanks for reading the article “Libido supplements during flatline / Reboot”

-Bob Castle-

This article “Libido boosting supplements to help with flatline during the reboot” was written by Bob Castle. Natural Health Evolution

VigRX Plus My Personal Experience

Effectiveness on Libido, (after having done a reboot) 10.0
Effectiveness on Libido, horniness during my reboot 8.0
Effectiveness on Erections After Reboot 9.5
Effectiveness on Erections during my reboot 8.0


  • Kind of makes me feel like a teenager again
  • The only supplement that was able to knock me out of flatline
  • Actually worked better than prescription Viagra for me


  • The price could be a bit lower





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