Does Ashwagandha Help Anxiety ?

“When I feel stressed or anxious, one of my favorite anxiety tools is to take 2 capsules of Ashwagandha and immediately go for a 30 minute long walk. When I get back home, the anxiety is gone and I feel relaxed for the rest of the day”

My own rating:

How Well Does Ashwagandha Work For Anxiety?


Effectiveness on Stress


Effectiveness on Anxiety


Other Health Benefits





  • Increases Energy
  • Works very well for reducing stress
  • Works well for reducing anxiety levels
  • Increases Libido


  • Could be better at elevating mood

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Does Ashwagandha Help Anxiety ?

ashwagandha plantHow does ashwagandha work for anxiety?

Let’s take a deeper look in this blog post. Be sure to read the whole article because there are some interesting facts here… Continue reading “Does Ashwagandha Help Anxiety ?”

Ketogenic Diet For Anxiety [DAY 15] CONCLUSION

“When my ketone levels are above 1,0 mmol/L my cognitive function becomes very clear and my anxiety has reduced significantly. When I get to 1,5 mmol/L things really starts to happen and I no longer feel any anxiety or stress in my body at all. Just this super clear, sharp, mental focus…It actually feels pretty amazing!”

Ketogenic Diet For Anxiety
The Results From My Experiment

DAY 15

  • Bodyweight: 86,2 kg
  • Stress and Anxiety  levels: 00%
  • Mood: 80%
  • Clear mindedness: 100%
  • Self confidence: 90%

Alright, I’m sitting here on day 15 of my “ketogenic anxiety” experiment and I’m ending it today. Not because it does not work, it does, but because honestly, I miss my regular food.

I have tried the ketogenic diet before and I always end it after a few weeks because that exact same reason: Continue reading “Ketogenic Diet For Anxiety [DAY 15] CONCLUSION”

Ketogenic Diet For Anxiety and Depression [DAY 5]

Ketogenic Diet For Anxiety and Depression


  • Bodyweight: 87,9 kg
  • Anxiety levels in general today: 50%
  • Mood: 40%
  • Focus and concentration: 60%
  • Confidence: 40%

Ok, so the first few days were actually better than day 5 (today). I expected it to be the other way around as I thought the first days would be accompanied with some sugar withdrawals, and things like that… Continue reading “Ketogenic Diet For Anxiety and Depression [DAY 5]”