Best Anti Anxiety Supplements to Naturally Cure Anxiety

anti anxiety supplement to treat anxiety naturallyBest Anti Anxiety Supplements

You know that incredible awful feeling that something really bad is about to happen?
That dark, indescribable gruesome feeling that the whole world is just overwhelming and scary…

…and that you won’t be able to cope?
That strong sense of “I can’t handle this!”

You know that feeling?

Well, I certainly do!

I know that feeling very well because I have been an anxiety sufferer since I was a little boy, running around playing with my toy tractors, and if you are suffering right now I feel your pain. I really do, because when my anxiety was at its worst…

…I was not even able to leave my house to go grocery shopping, in fact when I was suffering the most, I would not leave my house AT ALL!

So needless to say I wanted to do something about this and I started collecting tools, tricks and knowledge on natural ways to deal with anxiety and now, being a middle aged man, I have collected A LOT of experiences, tool and tricks and you know what?…

…I feel pretty good these days. Sure i still get anxiety, from time to time, or if I’m not taking good care of myself or if I’m under a lot of stress but thanks to all the tools I gathered, during my years, I can now deal with my anxiety pretty quickly and effectively.

One important part of those tools has been anti anxiety supplements.

I have tried just about every anti anxiety supplement that exists and during all my years I have, by reading everything I could get my hands on…

…and by doing A LOT of self experimentation, found what supplements works best for reducing anxiety…

…and so, on this page I will present that list to you and it is my sincere hope that you will find the list valuable.

While there are no guarantees that they will work, for EVERYONE, I’m pretty confident that you will find some of them to, at least, reduce your anxiety levels and, of course, hopefully, naturally cure anxiety altogether…

…so that you too can live a relaxed and anxiety free life from now on.

So without further ado, lets present the list of, what I have found to bee, the best anti anxiety supplements out there.

Best anti anxiety supplements
#1 Kava Root

Kava root, also known as kava kava, can be found on islands in the South Pacific. The local people have been using kava for ages as medicine as well as for relaxation.

Kava can be used for

  • treating stress
  • generalized anxiety disorders
  • social phobia
  • shakiness and trembling

Quite a few studies have been done and there is no doubt that kava can be a potent weapon in the battle against anxiety and stress. Kava changes the brain waves somewhat like the way anti anxiety drugs, like for example “Valium” and “diazepam” does.

Kava also inhibits trembling and “jerky movements” and is a pretty strong “muscle relaxant” One can’t become addicted to kava, however for some people long term use seem to somewhat reduce its effects, reminding of increased tolerance.

The Pacific islanders mostly used Kava root as a drink (in their tea) but as a supplement it is available as powder, capsules or tincture form.

A study made by researchers at the University of Melbourne found kava to be effective in helping with anxiety.

75 patients, who suffered from generalized anxiety disorder, were put on a 6 week study in order to find out how effective kava is for treating anxiety. The study had control groups and was well documented and supervised.

The results showed that compared to the placebo group the patients who got the real kava got a big reduction in their anxiety levels and stress symptoms. The people who was diagnosed with “moderate” to “severe” anxiety got the biggest benefits from kava…

a natural anxiety supplement to treat anxiety…infact, when the study was over 27% of the patients who got the real Kava got such a big relieve from their anxiety that they could no longer be classified as “having issues with anxiety”. In other words, they were no longer  “anxiety patients”.

This is just one study and it certainly looks like kava deserves its place in the best anti anxiety supplement article but…

…are there any side effects and what about the safety of using kava root?

Warning! What you should consider when taking kava

As stated kava can be very relaxing and there are a few things to consider when taking kava root.

  • Kava can have effects on your reaction time (keep in mind if driving or using machinery)
  • Kava should NOT be taken with anti depressant drugs or with alcohol
  • May become less effective as you use it

Long term use, for more than 3 months at a time,  is not recommended unless you take small “time outs” from taking it every now and then.

Does kava root really deserve to be in the best anti anxiety supplements article?

In conclusion: Yes. Supplementing with Kava root can be a remarkable effective tool to lower your stress and anxiety levels but be sure to get a good quality supplement as there are many “fake” companies out there…

…with that said you should never forget to also exercise, eat right and take good care of you, in order to really have the biggest chance in overcoming your anxiety.

If you would like to read more about the study on Kava and anxiety you can
Click here to find that study.

If you would like to try kava root to reduce your own anxiety you can
Click here to check the price on Amazon

Best anti anxiety supplements
#2 Provanax

best natural anti anxiety supplementThis is the anxiety supplement I use most of the time myself because, of all the supplements I have tried, Provanax is what has the best effect for me. I have been using it for eight years now and it still works when I need it. (I only get anxiety a couple of times a month nowadays)

45-60 minutes after I take 1-2 capsules I feel the effects and, for me, It is powerful enough to reduce most of my anxiety.

If you would like to learn more about the supplement and read about what others have to say you can Click here to go to the Provanax website

Dr. Sam Robbins created this supplement for himself and his own family, when they were going through a stressful time, and I really must say he did a great job!

With ingredients clinically proven to be beneficial for reducing anxiety and ingredients to elevate serotonin, as well as dopamine, this product packs a serious punch.

It is effective for reducing anxiety as well as increasing mood and that makes it one of my favorite anti anxiety supplements that one can find on the market today. Luckily we do not have to chose only one supplement in our battle against anxiety BUT…

…if I had to chose only one, to use for the rest of my life,  then I would go for Provanax.

Dr. Robbins really did a good job here and to be honest I’m not a person to easily give compliments. The supplement can be taken daily or just “when need be”.

Another wonderful benefit of Provanax is its ability to significantly help with falling, and staying, asleep.

On their website they claim that Provanax can:

  • Dramatically improve your mood and feel “in control”
  • Reduce anxiety & panic attacks by increasing Dopamine levels.
  • Decrease symptoms of depression by increasing Serotonin.
  • Minimize stress hormones, such as cortisol.
  • Improve deep sleep, without groggy side-effects
  • Non habit forming. Safe for daily use.

Now we are all different but, as I know many who has almost completely gotten rid of their anxiety and mood issues by taking Provanax, I have to agree with their claims. That said of course there are no guarantees that it will work for you…

…but speaking of guarantees, when it comes to money,  they DO offer a one year, full money back guarantee.

I’m sure Dr. Sam Robbins also know that we are all different, and that what works for one person does not necessarily have to work for another…

…and with that in mind I think the one year guarantee policy they have is a very good and respectable thing of them to offer.

Ok so the product is good but what about the price?

Well, it is not the cheapest anti anxiety supplement on the market, that’s for sure, and if you are very short on cash perhaps you should try some of the other on this list first, as they might work very well for you…

…that said, it’s not incredible expensive either. I would put the price range somewhere in the middle to, perhaps, a little bit on the higher end. But as with everything else on the market the general rule is that we get what we pay for, and with this being such a powerful product I would personally not complain about the price too much.

WARNING! What you MUST know before trying Provanax

Because Provanax contains ingredients, not only to make you more relaxed, but also to increase the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, you should be careful if you already are on an antidepressant, such as an SSRI…

…as  chances are interference effects might occur.

IF you are on any form of prescription anxiety/depression medication the general rule is ALWAYS to do some research before you try ANY supplements at all and, when in doubt, ask your Doctor!

Conclusion, does it REALLY deserve to be on the list for the best anti anxiety supplements?

Answer: Yes!

Bottom line: Provanax is one of the most powerful and best anti anxiety supplements on the market and, while the price could perhaps be a bit lower, it is well worth trying as chances are it could significantly reduce, if not eliminate, your anxiety altogheter.

I have written a more in depth review of ProVanax and my experience with it and if you are interested in learning more about that you can click here to read that blog post

If you would like to read  what others have to say about it and if you want to know what it costs,
click here to go to the Provanax website and check the price

Best anti anxiety supplements
#3 CBD Oil

cbd as best natural supplement for anxietyCBD oil is another very potent supplement you can take to reduce your stress and anxiety.

It is no secret, and I think most of us know, that people, world wide have been using marijuana to relax and calm down for thousands of years simply because it works.

Here’s the deal:

The cannabis plant contains 115 different chemical compounds called “cannabinoids”. The TWO most important ones are

  • THC
  • CBD

THC is the compound that is responsible for making the users high or “stoned” and the CBD for making us relaxed and free from anxiety. CBD also comes with a lot of other health benefits, like for example:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Pain relieving
  • Helps epilepsy
  • Helps with sleep
  • Improves skin

But will CBD oil make you high?

Nope! We can now use extraction methods to only get the CBD oil from the hemp without all the other compounds and this is the beauty of it. We can safely use CBD for our anxiety without getting high…

…so simply put CBD is extracted from hemp and must contain less than 0,3% THC and that is nowhere near the amount needed to make us stoned.


CBD oil can be truly effective at lowering anxiety levels and I personally notice a reduction in my stress levels as soon as 20-30 minutes after taking it.

I also have many friends who use it and  some of them get an even bigger reduction in their anxiety from it than I do.

From larger number of studies, CBD oil has also shown to be a proven method of reducing anxiety and depression…

…research made on animals also confirm the stress fighting effects of Cannabidiol (CBD)

So to sum it up: Like the rest of the supplements on this page, CBD Oil deserves it’s place in “the best anti anxiety supplements” category however, just as with everything else, it works very well for some people and not so well for others. The only way to find out in which category you belong is to try it out for yourself.

WARNING!  What you must know before buying CBD oil

There are a few important things to consider before you try cbd for your anxiety.

  • If you are on SSRI’s (anti depressant) ask your doctor about interference effects
  • While legal in most states/countries it is still illegal in some. (Check with your government before buying)
  • More than 60% of online companies sell fake products (do NOT buy from anyone who cannot show lab results)

We have a whole article written about CBD oil and its benefits for reducing anxiety and stress. If you are interested you can click here to find that CBD article.

If you would like to try CBD oil for your anxiety there is a company I recommend, you can
click here to find that respectable brand with published lab results

 Best anti anxiety supplements
#4 Ashwagandha

ashwagandha is one of the best natural supplements for treating anxietyAshwaganha is becoming more and more popular and the reasearch on it is growing every year and has already presented us with some very interesting data.

Ashwagandha can mostly be found in Inda where it also has been used for ages, for its healing properties. In Ayurvedic medicin it was commonly used for enhancing the immune system (especially after illnes) and for its powerful anti inflammatory properties…

…this is not all this herb can bring us. Researchers are becoming more and mor enthusiastic by this plant as the list of health benefits keeps growing the more they study it.

Some of the benefits that have documented so far

  • Increase sex drive as well as testosterone
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Promotes heart health (by reducing the levels of  triglycerides and cholesterol)
  • Boost immune system
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Could potentially improve memory and cognitive function
  • Help to increase the overall function of the thyroid gland
  • Reduces cortisol levels

And more!

Ashwagandha is what we call “an adaptogenic herb”. That means it works like a regulator in the body, balancing the hormones. If we have levels that are too high, it lowers the levels, and if we have low levels of something, it increases them.

What I personally notice when using Ashwagandha

When i feel anxiety creeping up on me, or if I’m very upset over something, I sometimes take a dose of ashwagandha with a glas of water and go for a 30 minute walk….

…when I return home from the walk the negative feelings are gone. All of them! It is one of my favorite supplements and it belongs on the best anti anxiety supplements list, no doubt.

WARNING! What you MUST know before buying Ashwagandha

  • Pregnant women should avoid taking it
  • It can increase the effects of medications that are sedative. Aavoid it if you are eating bensodiazepines.
  • Do not use ashwagandha a couple of weeks before having a surgery as it can disturb the ansthethic

Final verdict. Is ashwagandha the best anti anxiety supplement?

Answer: Well perhaps not the number one anti anxiety supplement but it certainly desvers to be on the best anti anxiety supplement TOP 5 list. It is, and probably always will bee, on my favorite supplementshelf in my kitchen…

…It is one of the cheapest anti anxiety supplements, yet still effective, so it could be a good one to start with if you are low on cash.

If you are interested you can click here to find a study made on ashwaghanda

If you’d like to try it you can click here to find a respectable brand on Amazon

Best anti anxiety supplements
#5 Magnesium Threonate

When thinking about it I should perhaps have put Magnesium highest on this list. Not that the best anti anxiety supplements list is made from best to worst but because, if we are deficient in this mineral, it is impossible to overcome anxiety…

…and the unreal fact is, experts estimate that at least 75% of Americans have a magnesium deficiency.

So what if I am deficient?

Well , when it comes to anxiety, these are the things a magnesium deficiency is associated with:

  • Tense and “crampy muscles”
  • Anxiety&Depression
  • Lower levels of GABA (When the neurotransmitter GABA is low your brain get’s stuck in the “ON” position, with racing thoughts)
  • Improper nervous system functioning
  • Hormone problems
  • Low energy

This precious mineral is involved in more than 300 different bodily reactions and several studies confirm that low magnesium levels contributes to numerous issues when it comes to our mental health such as anxiety attacks, depression, social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorders.

In addition to this…

Magnesium increases the levels of GABA in our brains (GABA has been called the nature’s valium) making us more relaxed.  I aslo helps with keeping our blood sugar stable…

…and when it comes to anxiety this is very beneficial. Finally magnesium reduces the stress levels by lowering our stress hormone cortisol and adrenaline.

In conclusion:  magnesium aids in the relaxation of everything, muscles, the brain, nerves, our thinking and our whole system. It really must be on “the best anti anxiety supplements” list.

What you must know before buying magnesium

There are different kinds of magnesium and some of them are poorly absorbed by the human body. You want to avoid magnesium glutamate and aspartate as well as magnesium sulfate. Unless you want to use them as a way to help with constipation instead of helping with anxiety.

Magnesium Threonate, on the other hand is very well absorbed but even more importantly it has the unique ability to be able to cross the blood brain barrier, making its way straight to the brain…

…this is highly beneficial for brain health and for dealing with mental issues like anxiety. And this is why you should choose magnesium threonate over any other form if you want to use it as an anti anxiety supplement…

…threonate can be difficult to find in stores but you can order it online, of course. Also, in order to get the best effects from magnesium supplements you can ad some vitamin B6 at the same time.

If interested you can click here to find studies on magnesium and anxiety

If you’re interested you can click here to find e very good  Threonate brand that I like on Amazon

Thank you for reading the article “best anti anxiety supplements to naturally cure anxiety”

-Bob Castle-