3 Causes Of Axiety That You Did Not Know About

In this video I talk about three causes of anxiety that many people are not aware of. Please take a a look at it because I really think that it might help you.

We all know that there are hundreds of reasons behind anxiety, and for many people it is a combination of several things…

…I have to say though, it wasn’t until I started taking these three more seriously, that I started to see big improvements in my own anxiety levels.

Hope you find the video informative!


Running For Anxiety – It is THE Best Exercise For Anxiety

Running For Anxiety

In this video I talk about how running is the best exercise for anxiety. All physical exercise is good, but running is especially helpful when it comes to reducing anxiety.

Make sure to watch the whole video as I talk about some new and interesting research on why running for anxiety is so very effective…

…IF we do it the right way. You see, if we do to much of it, it will backfire as that will keep your stress hormone cortisol elevated pretty much the whole time.

I hope you like the video.