Hey Bob Castle here and I suffer from anxiety panic attacks and social anxiety. I also have periods of very low mood and depression.

Well, to be fair, I should say that I USED to suffer…

…you see, I feel much better today than I have done in the last 20 years or so, and thanks to all the tools and tricks I’ve learned, I’m actually doing really good nowadays.

I created this blog because I want to share my struggles, as well as experiences on what has worked for me during my most difficult years…

…and also, of course, what works for me today. You see I have done, and I still do, A LOT of experimenting. With supplements, tools, tricks and everything I can get my hands on that could make living with anxiety and depression a bit easier.

I’m not a doctor, nor am I a therapist. What I am is a human lab rat, meaning I have learned things by living life and self experimentation.  After about 20 years of personal experience with anxiety and depression, on and off, and finding ways to deal with it,  fixing myself, I can safely say I have gone from rock bottom to creating a life where I’m mostly able to be anxiety free, be very strong, both physically and mentally and live an awesome life…

…and so can you!  (not feeling awesome, always though…anxiety have a tendency to come back at times, even if only for short periods)

Having read over 900 books in addition to 10.000h of podcasts listening plus many seminars on these subjects, I still feel nothing beats experience and that’s why I do a lot of self-experimentation…

…trying out stuff first hand in order to learn more and see what works.

In my YouTube videos I sometimes do the talking myself and other times some of my friends do the voice overs.

The same is true for the articles written on this site as well as the product reviews/recommendations. They are based on first hand experience or in depth online, as well as offline, research.

I’m constantly working on putting out more videos and articles with natural remedies for anxiety, depression as well as other self improvement stuff and it is my sincere hope that, with the help of my experiences, I will be able to help, motivate and inspire you to become a happier, more motivated and less anxious person.

Much Love!

-Bob Castle-

Random stuff from my personal life:

One of the things I’m most passionat about is playing the trumpet. I started when I was five years old.  Here are a couple of videos of me trying to make some music =)

You can check out my trumpet blog by clicking this link

The Rose

 Speak Softly Love

P.S. I use my Swedish name in the video. Bob Castle is a translation of that name.

Here I’m out walking in the woods with my dear father:

A picture from my gym on the second floor in my house. Another big passion of mine is gym training and building my body. A strong body and a strong mind is a good ambition to have =)

My beloved life partner Zeb and me. Unfortunately he left me a a few months ago but I am grateful for the 12 years I got to spend with him. I will never forget him!

I think we are watching “Two And a Half Men”…or at least one of us =)

Just got a new bike. I like being out in the woods an that’s  where I aim to use this bike the most