How To Get Harder Erections. Tools And Tricks That Actually Works

Hi Warriors!

Sorry ladies, this article is mainly for guys, as you understand from the title. Don’t worry though, I will not make a habit of only writing content for men. This is an exception 🙂

I never thought I’d be writing articles  like this, but I get so many questions from guys asking me if I know any tricks for improving erection quality…

…and the fact is, I do know tricks for that. In fact I know MANY since it’s a subject near and dear to my….di…ehm heart.

Sex is a natural thing and being a guy who is heavy into self improvement, of course, I have done A LOT of experimenting in this area as well.

So here are a few tips that actually works:


  • Eggs

One of the best foods for erections as it will boost your testosterone

  • Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate also boost testosterone and in addition it is also rich in “nitrates”, which means it will dilate your blood vessels. A GREAT combination for improving erections

  • Beetroot juice

One of the most effective blood vessel dilator you can find naturally

  • Green Tea

First let me clearly state that this does not work for everyone. The people who get effects from it seems to be divided (around 50/50) The reason that green tea might be a really great libido booster is because of the combination of caffeine (even though it is a small amount) and the amino acid L-Theanine.
Caffeine alone is alibido enhancer we can use, because it’s a stimulant, that in right amounts increases dopamine and sex drive however, too much of it can cause vasoconstriction and we don’t want that when we are about to have sex.

So unlike coffee, green tea has got just the right amount of caffeine for this and then it also contains the amino acid L-Theanine.
This is where people get divided and nobody knows the reason for this. For some people L-Theanine is a major libido enhancer, but for others the opposite is true and even reduces their libido

  • A high quality, high dose, vitamin C supplement in COMBINATION with garlic extract

Works surprisingly well. Unfortunately it can give you a bit of a bad breath

  • Oysters

Oysters can significantly increase both libido and erection quality because of the high zinc content and good fats. Try it out!


  • VigRX Plus

Nothing, and I mean nothing, has made my erections harder and last longer than this supplement. For me it even works better than viagra. This is because it does several things. It opens the blood vessels, it increases dopamine, it increases testosterone, and it lowers stress hormones.

So, unlike viagra, which only works on blood flow, VigRX plus will both make you more horny by increasing dopamine and testosterone, and better able to handle performance anxiety because it lowers cortisol….

…and it significantly increases your blood flow as well. The only problem I have with it is that it is a bit expensive but if you want to try it out, you can click here to check current pricing at the online vendor.


  • Stop masturbation to internet porn, right away!!!

It’s no joke, it will cause your dopamine receptors in your sexual circuits, in the brain, to become more insensitive to dopamine. This will show itself as weaker erections because dopamine is a driving neurotransmitter behind sex drive. I talk more on how this “ desensitize” our brain in one of my videos on my YouTube channel.

  • Start doing squats a couple of times a week!

Listen to me guys, the absolute, single best physical exercise for harder erections is squats. I recommend you do it two times a week.

It will both increase your own testosterone production and it will increase your dopamine as well, which is a key neurotransmitter for sexdrive and erestions. In addition to this it will train your pelvic floor muscles.

If they are strong and flexible YOU will have harder and more powerful erections!

  • Pelvic floor stretches (this one is super important)

Go down in a squat position and stay there for a couple of minutes every day Without weights. Just go down in a wide squat, ass close to the floor, and stay there for one to two minutes. Do it a couple of times a day.

This is because it stretches your pelvic floor and increases blood flow to that same area. You see, nowadays we sit too much and also, if we have had the bad habit of sitting and masturbating in front of the computer it is almost a guarantee that the pelvic floor muscles are too tight. That’s NOT good because it will seriously constrict blood flow to our penises.

  • Kegel exercises!

Now, you have to be careful with this one. On so many places on the internet you can read about how fantastic they are for improving erections, and they CAN be, HOWEVER…IF you have tight pelvic floor muscles they can actually do more damage than good. This is because they might make your muscles even tighter. So I would ONLY recommend doing kegel exercises IF you do a LOT of squat stretches, that I talked about in the above point.

So, IF you stretch a lot, then go ahead and do kegel exercises as well because they do work.

Alright, there are more tools to get harder erections but I will be back with them in a later email, as this one is already getting pretty long (no pun intended)

I hope you found it informative, and as always, keep going and stay strong!


By the way, these tips can actually be really helpful even if you happen to be going through a “NoFap reboot” or “flatline” right now. Especially the libido supplement I talked about a couple of lines up. It actually helped me pretty significantly, when I was in a deep flatline, in the midst of my nofap reboot, years ago.

And if you are “just a normal dude” that don’t care about NoFap or rebooting, they also work. In fact for those people they can work wonders….

…and now we’re talking like “my boners are like when I was 14 again wonders” Or if you already have done a good pmo reboot and you are cured today, you too can for sure expect boners like a 14 year old horny teenager.

So in conclusion, even if you are a normal guy who couldn’t care less about things like NoFap, VigRX Plus works wonders and IF you are doing nofap and have problems with libido and erections, VigRX Plus will probably give you a pretty decent help and if you are a sever porn addict…

….using it could mean the difference between a failed or a successful intercourse attempt.

-Scandinavian Bob-

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