What Are The Symptoms Of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

What Are The Symptoms Of Anxiety Attacks And Anxiety In General?

Take a look at the video what are the Symptoms of anxiety to learn about this if you are unsure, and if you are asking your self the question “how do I know if I have anxiety?”

In the video I talk about the symptoms of social anxiety, the symptoms of generalized anxiety and I also answer the question “what are the symptoms of anxiety attacks”

The experience is different for different people

One thing to keep in mind is that we all experience anxiety in a different way. Some peple get more psychological symptoms of anxiety while others feel it only in the body, in some form. One thing is for sure though…

……high anxiety symptoms are very unpleasant!

If you realize that you have anxiety then don’t be upset about that very fact. You are still the same person you were before you watched the video. The only difference is that now you KNOW…

…which leads me to the next subheading…

Knowing is power

Knowing that you suffer from anxiety, and exactly what kind form of anxiety, gives you power. You see, now you have a chance of learning how to cope with it or…

…how to get rid of it completely.

There are many tools and tricks you can learn and implement into your life that will help you do this. If you have not done so already I recommend that you subscribe to my YouTube channel as I will be posting A LOT of videos about how to cope with all kinds of different anxiety symptoms and how to potentially get rid of the anxiety altogether.

Never ever give up!

Lastly, if you just found out that it is anxiety you are suffering from, pursue patience since it can take some time to learn how to cope with it. You should not adapt the mindset “I will fix this when the weekend comes and then get on with my life”…

…no, that will only set you up with frustration.

Again, be patient and make a commitment to keep working on it long term. No one can say how long it will take, since we are all different, but you WILL start seeing results in just a few weeks.

Keep your head up and stay strong!

Thanks for reading the “what are the symptoms of anxiety” post, Oh, and remember to keep it locked in on my channel…

Much Love!

-Scandinavian Bob-

Author: Bob Castle

Former Anxiety Sufferer...well, I still suffer a bit, from time to time.

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