How To Achieve Flow State When Gaming Or Studying

Watch The Video And Learn The 5 Steps You Must Take To Get Into The Zone (The State of Flow)

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How To Achieve Flow State When Gaming Or Studying Or Anything Similar

It the video you can see above I answer questions such as, what is the flow state? how to get into the flow state AND how can we STAY in the flow state. Make sure you watch the whole video because all five steps I talk about are important if we want to make it work.

Is the flow state really that awesome?   And why should you care…

World records have been broken when people have operated in “the zone”. Masterpieces have been painted by artists being in the flow and the most incredible books have been written by people who were in a flow state. The same goes with music, creative solutions and almost everything you can think of.

The “zone” is a mental state in which people are able to perform on a much higher level. Studies have also shown that when we are in the zone we are about 200-250% more productive that when we are doing a normal good job. So needless to say….

…if the flow state was something that was available in pill form, it would cost A LOT of money and people would happily pay for it.

Sometimes it just happens on its own

Sometimes we tap into the flow state without even trying but this does no happen too often. This is why we need to learn a few tricks

Just a short disclaimer here…

…getting into the state of flow is not that easy and you should not expect to much the first time you try it. Sure, it might very well work but chances are that it wont. If so you should not give up but you should keep trying the steps many times and if you do that, now your chances are starting to get really good to get to enter this marvelous state…

Luckily there are a few smart ways we can trigger the brain to achieve that state, this is precisely what I talk about in the video. I will give you 5 steps, and you must do them all, and if you have a task that is demanding enough, yet not too easy, in front of you, chances are high you will enter the mysterious flow state.

So go skyrocket your productivity and good luck with achieving the flow state. You can watch the video here, on this page, or go watch it onYouTube if you rather would like to watch it over there. Here is a link to the YouTube page —> How to get into a state of flow

All the best and much love!

-Scandinavian Bob-

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Thank you!

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