Muse Headband Review-Heighten Your Experience With Meditation

“With real time scientific-feedback the muse headband becomes your expert teacher in how to quickly get into a relaxed focused state or, more accurately, It’s not only your teacher it makes YOU the expert and, with a little training, you’ll be able to completely crush your stress and anxiety.”

muse brain sensing headband

Muse the brain sensing headband review


Effectiveness on Stress and Anxety


Effectiveness on Mood and Clarity of Thoughts


Ease of use



  • Is pretty amazing for elevating mood and getting into "the zone"
  • Works very well for reducing stress and anxiety
  • It is very fun to use and makes meditation something to look forward to


  • Could be a bit cheaper but I guess we get what we pay for
  • Can't find any other cons

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Muse Headband Review
Heighten Your Experience With Meditation

Welcome to my review of the “Muse Brain Sensing Headband”.

First things first, what is the Muse headband?

To put it very short and easy

“The Muse Headband” is a wearable device that measures what’s going on inside your brain while you are meditating.  By doing so it can then guide you, with different sounds, so you’ll be able to go in the right direction to achieve the optimal brain state…

…this will be incredible beneficial in teaching you how to quickly get into a stress free, relaxed state. You will, in essence, learn how to put your brain in an optimal state without worry, anxiety or negative emotions and…

…with a little training, you will soon be able to do so even without the muse headband.

Become a master at reducing stress, anxiety and heighten your positive emotions on your own, without the help of drugs or other unhealthy means.

In short, you will become MUCH better at  controlling your thoughts and emotions.

First watch this video!

Sounds good but before you go any further, how much does it cost?

If you want to get other devices that can do the same thing as “The Muse Headband” you are looking at a cost around 800$ and that is just TOO much to spend in my opinion. So compared to other computer based guiding devices the muse headband is very affordable indeed.

The price varies a bit depending on the market, if you are interested you can click here to check current pricing on Amazon, it’s always changing a bit.

What are some other interesting things the muse headband can do?

There are a lot you can learn by using the muse headband. Here are a few interesting examples you could learn if you wanted to

  • How your brain and whole mind responds to coffee
  • What is the absolute best way for you to breathe in order to lower anxiety and stress levels
  • What happens to your mind if you smoke a cigarette
  • How is your mind doing after having sex?
  • What does the mind look like during an anxiety attack?… and discover just how quickly the muse headband will make the anxiety go away
  • Can your mind react differently to certain foods?
  • Is your mind more alert in the evening, middle of the day or perhaps in the mornings?
  • Is your mind restless and wild after a conflict of some sort?
  • What does alcohol or perhaps a hung over do to your mind?
  • How destructive is sleep deprivation for the mind?
How long does it take to get effects from using the Muse Headband?

You can notice positive effects from the very first time you use it, however it is with training the Muse Headband really shines. The positive effects will quickly get stronger with use (they build up) and not only that…

…by using it regularly you will learn exactly HOW to control your mind and put you into that optimal alpha brain state.

Why is it more powerful than just ordinary mediation?

When we meditate we often, first, lose our focus and then after a while we NOTICE that we have lost our focus. When we have noticed that we again shift our focus BACK TO THE BREATHING (or whatever we wanted to have our focus on in the fist place)…

…this is what makes the mind strong, when we GO BACK to what we were supposed to focus on over and over again. That constant shifting back IS the brain training. It is to the brain like the reps is for the muscles, that we do in the gym.

The problem is that with ordinary meditation it takes a while before we notice that we have lost focus. But the muse brain sensing headband will tell us immediately when we lose that focus, and by doing so we will be able to shift BACK a lot more times, compared to an ordinary meditation session…

…more reps = stronger and better effects. Both in the gym and for the brain.

But even more interesting is the feedback

The muse headband will give you interesting and exact feedback. It will do this both as instant feedback, during your mediation, AND after your session is done. You will be able to se exactly how well you did. How relaxed you were and how optimally your brain waves were functioning…

…this makes meditation incredibly interesting as you will be able to improve and get direct data on exactly how much you are improving and what you could do better. I like this feature very much.

If you want more details on exactly how to use the muse headband then take a look at this video

Are there studies backing this up?

Yes, apparently some high caliber researchers at respectable places such as Harvard, the University of Toronto MIT have really put it to the test. If you are interested in reading about research behind the Muse Headband you can click here to go take a look at some of the studies

…that said, even though I’m a guy who loves reading all the research and studies I think the most valuable “studies” of them all is first hand experience since we’re all different and one persons experience might not match another ones.

So bottom line, I guess the best way to know if you would like it is to try it out for yourself…

…which leads me to the next FAQ:

Are there any guarantees?

If you order The Muse Headband from Amazon you have got one month to return items for free for a full refund if you do not like the product. Gotta respect that.

the muse brain sensing headband

Does it matter if I am a beginner, intermediate or advanced meditator? Will the Muse Headband be worth it for all users?

The Muse Headband will benefit you no matter what meditation level you’re on, but of course it will have biggest effects on intermediate and beginner levels as people on those levels still have more to learn. That said even advanced meditators have reported improvements using the muse headband…



…personally I must admit that I do find it a bit hard to believe that Shaolin monks, meditation gurus with 30 years of being in the zone, would get much out of it.

Come to think of it, it would be super interesting to read a “The Muse Headband Review” made by a Shaolin, meditation guru =)

What others are saying about The Muse Headband

It worked, drowning out my thoughts, and allowing me to realize my mind was drifting into things I need not think about.
This device has helped me overcome my anxiety in just a few weeks. I can honestly say that this is the best investment I have ever made in my whole life.“– Steve
If you are a person  that tends to worry too much or if you suffer from anxiety I would highly recommend the Muse Headband for you. Invest in you health and start using it. You can’t go wrong here!” – Robert 

If you want to read more testimonials you can
Click here to check out real user reviews on Amazon

Some other benefits of meditation in general

Meditation is one of the best things we can do for our health. If not THE best thing, it’s certainly right up there with physical exercise and healthy eating. It is also interesting to read all the research behind it. Numerous studies have been done and more and more are coming out all the time.

Some proven science-based health benefits of meditation are

  • Decreased symptoms of depression
  • Boosts self-esteem and gives better self acceptance
  • Significantly reduced anxiety and worry
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Heightened emotional intelligence
  • Better short term memory
  • Drastically reduces ADHD symptoms
  • Increases concentration power and focus
  • Boosts our immune system (people who meditates do not get sick as often as others)
  • Gives us better information processing
  • Makes us much better at ignoring distractions
  • Makes us better at creative thinking
  • Lowers inflammation levels in the body

Conclusion and final words

Is the headband worth it then?

Well,  investing in your health is never wrong and personally I think it is very much worth it. Some people spend this amount of money on just one drinking night out on the town and with little to no benefits to their health, quite the opposite, to be honest…

…so why not put that same amount of money on something that can drastically improve our health and, at the same time, makes us have fun while doing it?

All in all it is safe to say that meditation should be in your arsenal of health tools, WITH or WITHOUT the Muse Head Band. One thing is for sure, personally I will always meditate, until my last mindfulness breath!


Thank you for reading the blog post “The Muse Brain Sensing Headband Review – Heighten Your Experience With Meditation”

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-Bob Castle-

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Muse the brain sensing headband review


Effectiveness on Stress and Anxety


Effectiveness on Mood and Clarity of Thoughts


Ease of use



  • Is pretty amazing for elevating mood and getting into "the zone"
  • Works very well for reducing stress and anxiety
  • It is very fun to use and makes meditation something to look forward to


  • Could be a bit cheaper but I guess we get what we pay for
  • Can't find any other cons

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