Ketogenic Diet For Anxiety and Depression [DAY 5]

Ketogenic Diet For Anxiety and Depression


  • Bodyweight: 87,9 kg
  • Anxiety levels in general today: 50%
  • Mood: 40%
  • Focus and concentration: 60%
  • Confidence: 40%

Ok, so the first few days were actually better than day 5 (today). I expected it to be the other way around as I thought the first days would be accompanied with some sugar withdrawals, and things like that…

…you know the phrase “it gets worse before it gets better” Well, that’s what I was expecting.

Of course it’s way to early to tell why I feel better on a keto diet after only five days but because the anxiety reduction happens so quickly, even before my body would have gotten into burning ketones as a fuel, my interpretation of it is…

…it is more the abcence of sugar, and blood sugar crashes, than the presence of ketones that helps…

…so far!..Now, being that I’m only on day 5 there might still be more benefits to come, as I get deeper into ketosis and perhaps my brain will produce more of the calming neurotransmitter GABA, in the days ahead.

I already know that we can use the ketogenic diet for anxiety and depression, the only thing I’m trying to find out, during this experiment, is just HOW powerful it can be.

The first five days I have felt:

  • A clearer mind
  • A more relaxed body
  • More “control” over my thoughts (and thus less negative and racing thoughts)

A short warning to the readers

I’m use to intermittent fasting so that’s  probably why the switch to a keto diet goes pretty smoothly for me. During the first days, when cutting out all carbohydrates, most people, however, will experience something called “the keto flu” with headaches, an upset stomach, low energy and a general feeling of being “sick”…

…so if you never tried the keto diet before, or intermittent fasting, and you would like to try the keto diet for your anxiety and depression, then be prepared for the keto flu.

As I mentioned in the first post about this experiment I am not using any anxiety supplements, like I otherwise do, during this experiment. This is to see how effectful the keto diet really can be for my anxiety.

I will continue the experiment and make my next update in a week or two

…stay tuned!

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Author: Bob Castle

Former Anxiety Sufferer...well, I still suffer a bit, from time to time.

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