Can Anxiety Cause Hair Loss?

man losing hair because of anxietyCan Anxiety Cause Hair Loss?

We have all heard stories and folk sayings like: “My children made my hair gray” or “My job was so stressful I lost my hear” but are there any truths to the syings? Can anxiety really cause hair loss?

In this blog post we’ll take a look at that and try to give you an answer to the question. Here we go:

Stress and anxiety gives us both mental and physical symptoms and there is a lot going on in the brain and in our whole body when we are under stress. We want to point out that hair loss in itself is most often not a result of having anxiety however studies show that long term stress and anxiety can indeed cause hair loss.

Can anxiety cause hair loss? Yes, There are some specific hair loss conditions that anxiety can set off:

  • Telogen Effluvium (TE)

Telogen Effluvium is a form of hair loss and happens when the number of hair follicles changes. The amount of follicles that are making hair starts to drop leading to thinning of the hair. This shows itself as hairl loss on the top of the head more than the back or sides of the head.

  • Reduction of important nutrients or what we call “key nutrients”

High stress can deplete the body of important minerals and nutrients. This in turn can give a host of physical symptoms. When our whole body starts to combat this the supplies important for hair growth can be exhaousted.

  • Alopecia Areata

This is a bit frightening and is a condition when clumps of hair suddenly may fall off. Often causing even more stress. The hair can grow back although continued high levels of stress will make the hairl loss to continue.

Can anxiety cause hairl loss? Yes, but here is the Deal:

a woman with a lot of hairWhile anxiety indeed can casue hair loss that does not mean that everyone who suffer will go bald or even be affected at all. It is not that common, even if you are under high stress for long periods of time….

…and worrying about questions like “can anxiety cause hair loss” will only add to the stress so instead of worrying about hair loss and other things, try to shift your focus towards more positive things in life instead. What we focus on in life has a tendency to grow so by choosing our mental glasses wisely we are much better off.

I know it’s easier said than done so here are some practical tips you can implement to reduce worry and stress:

  • Make a list of everything that is stressing you out.

pen and paperThen, divide what you have written down in to two columns: Things you can control and things you can not control. When you’re done,take a moment and look at the list . You’ll notice that stress often derives mostly from things beyond your control.

Take the list and rip up the part of the list with the things you can’t control in to small pieces and throw them away. This works on the subconscious spart of the brain and can be surprisingly effective and you might just notice a stress relive right away.

  • Put your hands under warm running water for a few minutes.

Immersing your hands in warm water engages the calming part of the nervous system, the parasympathetic part. When it goes to work it slows down it’s wild twin brother: the sympathetic part of the nervous system which is responsible for having you stay on guard. They are like shift workers: when one is up the other one is resting.

  • Turn off all screens.

computer screensTurn everything off and listen to the silence even if just for 5 minutes. Look out the window and just notice things outside. Look at the wall and notice it’s color…

…what does the ceiling look like? Doing this throws a wrench in your racing monkey mind engine and after that you’ll have a much easier time handling it.

  • Try provanax

provanax canNow all these tips work and there are a LOT more tools on this website, and I do recommend you start doing them. That said they can take a little bit of effort and getting use to…

..there are even more powerful tools that could drastically reduce, or potentially eliminate, your anxiety altogether. It’s a product called “Provanax” and it has helped A LOT of people getting a better life with a relaxed body and mind.

It is an all natural supplement and if your are interested you can
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Thank you for reading the article “Can Anxiety Cause Hair Loss”

-Natural Health Evolution Team-

Author: Bob Castle

Former Anxiety Sufferer...well, I still suffer a bit, from time to time.

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