Fighting Depression Without Medication

How to be more happy with a simple mind switch.

Stop waiting for good things to happen!

Instead of waiting and looking for good things, experiences, achievements to happen to you, start looking for the good IN things. In other words, don’t look for good things but look for the good IN things.

I don’t know about you but I have always found people that advocates positive thinking a bit annoying at times. This is because it does not always work and it can in fact backfire. If we are in a particular low mood or in a negative state of mind then all the positive affirmations  accompanied by super optimistic cheers, from our fellow human beings, can even act as an insult on our, at the time, negative selves…

…It’s too big of a contrast from the emotions we are having thus we simply, at best, don’t believe it, and at worst, find it extremely repulsive.

So what’s the solution then because we all know that if we really can implement a positive mindset we both feel and are much happier?

Tips on Fighting Depression Without Medication. Here’s the deal:

Positive thinking, like saying stuff like, for example “I feel great, It’s a good day today!”, is too shallow and does not resonate well with many of us but the way I mean by “looking for good in things” is that you really search until you find something that is good. Something that is good about this day, your body, your girlfriend, the food you had for dinner, the house you live in and so on… you get the picture.

Now we are talking because, no matter in whatever bad mood or state of mind we currently are, we can all agree on that there is always SOMETHING good to be found about this day. So THIS we are able to believe and thus it works much more effectively than hokey phrases like:

  • Golly jeez I feel awesome!
  • I am SO happy!
  • I know things will turn out alright!
  • I will get more money soon!
  • Everything is always going my way!
  • Wohoo I’m the best!

…and so on…

So you are driving through the city and are annoyed because your car makes a squeaky sound every time you use the brakes. You overslept and didn’t have time for breakfast so you are hungry and feel pissed off because things do not go your way right now.

Those are all facts and no one can deny them….

…but what about focusing on these facts instead:

The sound system in your car is really good and that is your favorite band playing on the radio. It’s raining so you’re glad you don’t have to walk, like you had to last month, when your wife used the car in the mornings. Six years ago you were unemployed, remember how much anxiety you had about that…

…you feel grateful for having a steady workplace now that you, when you think about it, really enjoy.

Tips on Fighting Depression Without Medication. Practice this mindset.

Start practicing this. Every day make a promise to always find something that is good. No matter how bad a day you are having you can always find something. You will gain so much from this and there is nothing to lose.

Remember: If you face the sun the shadows always fall behind you!

-Bob Castle-








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Former Anxiety Sufferer...well, I still suffer a bit, from time to time.

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